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Put It To The Test

David Chalona | May 28, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness

Let’s talk Cradle Point and expand on the applications improved by Globalstar’s Sat-Fi2 services during disaster response and recovery. Understanding the distinct differences between response and recovery is key to incorporating the Globalstar solution into your emergency planning. Globalstar Sat-Fi solutions partnered with Cradle Point and traditional LTE will give the option to go where the people are. Be at the “bleeding” edge of the recovery efforts. Maintain strong operational awareness during both rescue and recovery.

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Using Satellites to Turn IoT Data into High Value Insights

Corry Brennan | May 14, 2019 | Asset Tracking

The transport and logistics industry has taken great strides in terms of understanding the benefits of the ability to track and monitor assets and cargo. There is now widespread acknowledgement of the operational value that can be derived from having an accurate understanding of the location and status of high-value fixed and movable assets, including road vehicle fleets, sea-faring vessels as well as tank cars and containers. Furthermore, any asset can yield a far higher return on investment over its lifecycle when it is intelligently managed; productivity is maximized, and downtime is minimized.

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