Put traditional network challenges behind you. Instead of antennas or cell sites, XCOM’s 3GPP ORAN-based wireless Radio Access Network delivers 5G capacity, flexibility, and coverage that no other company can match.

The XCOM RAN Advantage
The unique architecture of XCOM RAN outperforms any wireless platform.


Eliminates handoff boundaries and interference conditions
Radio Units process signals at the edge and connect with the XCOM RAN platform, eliminating handoff boundaries and interference conditions and providing more capacity in concentrated areas as needed without loss of performance – all while enabling your system to easily and economically scale.


Why can’t traditional systems keep up with growing wireless demands?

  • Spectrum is increasingly expensive and limited
  • As cells are loaded with users and traffic, performance is suffering
  • 5G small cells offer limited capacity gains over 4G
  • Densification gains are being limited by handover boundaries and related interference
  • Massive-MIMOs can't provide consistent coverage and performance

Wi-Fi and DAS enable you to expand coverage by adding antennas. But that does nothing to increase total capacity. In fact, the more antennas you add, the more traffic the network tries to carry and the worse its performance becomes. 

LTE/5G small cells enable you to expand coverage by adding more cells. These also add capacity – at first.  But those gains are cut short by increased interference and handover losses at cell boundaries. Capacity growth stops and network performance declines. Network set-up also requires detailed frequency planning to manage interference and deal with metal structures – which must be repeated with each change to the facility. 

Moreover as workplace changes, the more time and money you have to sink into the network. Because every change requires detailed frequency planning to manage interference and deal with the metal structures, walls, and other barriers under your roof.

How does XCOM RAN increase both coverage and capacity?

Every Radio Unit you add increases both coverage and capacity – because the entire cluster acts as one super cell, with no need for additional spectrum or cell handovers.  

Radio Units collaborate with each other so they can be located for best coverage without the need for detailed frequency planning. 

And because our Open RAN platform runs on generic compute, you no longer need to “rip and replace” just to make your network keep up with changing needs. 

Where can XCOM RAN make the biggest difference?

XCOM Difference

  • Warehouse automation / dense industrial 4.0 
  • Retail, fulfillment, and distribution centers  
  • Enterprise, mining, campus networks, extended reality, energy platforms, stadiums, and campuses
Mobile robots are adding new flexibility and efficiency to factories, warehouses, and distribution centers – but they only work if they can maintain connection wherever they go. VR and AR are transforming industry, healthcare, and other operations – but there’s no way to predict where users may need them. In today’s fast changing markets, facilities and operations are in constant flux, and Wi-Fi and small-cell networks struggle to adapt at an affordable cost. That’s where XCOM RAN excels. 

What’s the bottom line?

For each of these applications – and hundreds more – XCOM RAN delivers value that existing private network technologies simply can’t.

  • Increases capacity gains over baseline 5G NR systems by >4X
  • Reliable, consistent service
  • Freedom from interference and handovers
  • Flexibility to adapt quickly and inexpensively to new needs
  • Highly scalable