Embedded Technology

Embeddable satellite transmitters allow developers to rapidly design, develop and manufacture their own satellite OEM products. Integrate Globalstar chipsets into products used for motor vehicles, operational equipment or assets, animal or wildlife tracking, industrial or agriculture remote data monitoring and reporting. Global coverage well beyond the reach of traditional cellular service allows you to transmit data with a solution that is scalable and requires no additional infrastructure.


Satellite modem module empowering rapid development and customization

Take satellite asset tracking and data management solutions to the next level. Engineered with open source common architecture, the application enablement platform empowers you to develop advanced AI-driven applications that generate smart data at the edge and integrate new products in a fraction of the time and cost.  ST150M can be quickly and effectively integrated into technology for a range of markets.
  • Realm Enablement Suite
  • Subscriber Management – Provisioning, connectivity, and configuration
  • Device Management – Single interface, device inventory, and common APIs
  • Health Monitoring – Pro-active device health monitoring and superior support
  • Application Enablement Platform – Leverage industry leading BLE5, Nordic C, and comprehensive unified APIs
  • Applications – Extensive library of application software
  • Common Architecture – Simplified design with common hardware and software architecture
  • BLE5 – Sophisticated libraries for sensors, updates, configuration, and data


Satellite Modem

The ST100 design is intended for rapid development by 3rd party companies and brings a low cost, reliable, complete one-way data module to the IoT market. Add power, set the configuration and place in mechanical housing for a working device suited for any market. The ST100 operates on the Globalstar Satellite Network which means multiple country service contracts or roaming fees do not apply.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy with embedded antenna
  • 3-axis Accelerometer
  • Power Supply configuration options for: batteries; solar panels, line power
  • Switchable between the embedded and an external antenna
  • Serial connector
  • FCC, ISED, CE modular certification (pending)


Low power consumption satellite modem module 

STX3 is the smallest of the Globalstar satellite IoT transmitters which helps customers design and build compact communication devices. Transmit data without having to worry about cellular gaps from virtually anywhere around the world. Learn more about the STX3 Dev Kit »
  • Provides additional opportunities to integrate satellite connectivity into products used for vehicle and asset tracking, remote data reporting and data logger reporting that have limited size requirements
  • Highly efficient device ready for integration in a wide variety of applications
“Our objective was to create a simple, quick-to-install device that could easily integrate with the hundreds of thousands of corrosion test points already deployed on pipelines across North America. Globalstar’s STX3 modem has made that possible.” - Mobiltex


Satellite Transmitter Integrated GPS Receiver

STINGR is a low cost, OEM simplex module which sends one-way data messages via the Globalstar LEO satellite network. This module includes a high-performance GPS receiver as well as an on-board dual band antenna which greatly simplifies the effort of integrating satellite communications into a tracking or monitoring device. STINGR is ideal for delivering remote sensing, tracking, and monitoring applications. Learn more about the STNGR Dev Kit » 
  • Simple battery-powered operation from single 3.0 to 5.5 volt supply
  • Enhanced STX3 command set
  • Autonomous tracking modes built in
  • Increases reliability through multiple transmissions
  • Low power consumption
  • Low-profile surface mount design
  • Versatile use: module can be integrated for use in a wide range of applications including liquid petroleum gas (LPG) tanks, water tanks, pipelines, electricity, meters, cars, trucks, boats and sea or land containers
“The major advantages of the Globalstar system over competing systems are its affordability, low-power consumption and simplicity. With an IP-based solution, we can use standard internet protocols to transfer files. Because we don’t need to create a custom back end, the applications are much simpler to implement.” - Nupoint Systems, Inc.

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Globalstar provides customizable solutions that deliver an always on, always connected approach. We can help you streamline business operations to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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