Rapidly Design, Develop and Manufacture Satellite OEM Products

Integrate Globalstar Satellite Connectivity through embeddable satellite transmitters in manufactured products used for vehicle, equipment and asset tracking, animal or wildlife tracking, industrial or agricultural remote data monitoring and reporting. Powered by Globalstar’s LEO satellite constellation, the Globalstar Commercial IoT chipsets provide global coverage. These products bring an affordable alternative to SATCOM integration, offer low power consumption and compact in design, making them ideal for any business needing to transmit data with a solution that is scalable and requires no additional infrastructure.
Industry integration applications served:

  • Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining asset tracking and remote monitoring
  • Agriculture – Monitor irrigation, water, feed trough levels and tracking mobile shade units, equipment and machinery
  • Sensors – Soil monitoring, Pipeline corrosion
  • Asset Tracking – machinery, trucks, ATVs, hardware, tools
  • Remote monitoring – water reservoirs, fuel tanks, electronic gates
  • Government, Public Safety and Military asset tracking and personnel safety
  • First responders / SOS wearables solutions
  • Remote Worker – Safety tracking devices, wearables for lone and remote personnel
  • Animal, Wildlife or Endangered Species tracking through an Ear Tag or Collar