Data Management & Mapping Services

Commercial IoT Satellite Solutions provide automated monitoring and management at a glance with near real-time updates giving you visibility into an entire operation. Maintain and sustain operational efficiencies while strengthening and automating internal processes for continued business growth with the use of SPOT My Globalstar or SPOT Mapping services.

Visibility for your Business

Overcome operational challenges with asset, resource and fleet oversight at a glance.  Quickly see all your equipment and personnel on a user-friendly platform to meet your monitoring and management needs. 
  • Quickly determine where your assets and workforce are located, allowing for needs based and rapid deployment on scheduled and emergency basis
  • Easily accommodates any size enterprise operation, view single to thousands of assets or fleets
  • Keep up to date while you are on the go, works on any device with a web browser
  • Customize groups of personnel and assets to monitor and manage your business using through a remote lens. Share maps with others, automate reporting for utilization, diagnostic or behavioral operational metrics

Live & Historical Tracking, Alerts & Shared Views

Make informed decisions to support business profitability by staying connected to remote workforces and up to date on field personnel and asset activity. Minimize downtime, save money and keep workers safe by quickly responding to in-field activity with Live Alerts that provide near real-time notifications of asset or personnel movement, events or emergency situations.
  • Alerts can be custom configured in many ways including geofencing (proximity or entry/exit), begin/end points like start/stop, no movement or other input triggers
  • Automate operational metrics like equipment utilization, arrival/returns and behavioral inputs related to personnel and asset movement 
  • Conveniently receive real-time alerts through text message or email notifications and perform two-way communications using in platform messaging to SPOT X users
  • Share unlimited views of live points showing location & movement, or historical maps for review, reference or reporting  

Assets, Places, & Geofences

Help ensure maximized resource allocation, worker safety and asset security with map configuration allowing businesses to set up mapping for their specific needs. Name assets and personnel by device type or icon for quick recognition on a map, mark designated or hazardous areas with a geofence and verify historic and live locations for accurate billing. 
  • Assign various shapes and colors to visually identify individual personnel or groups by role, certification or technical level for efficient resource allocation
  • Reduce costs for lost or stolen heavy machinery, rental equipment and work tools by always knowing their locations
  • Create Places specific to the locations your business operates 
  • Leverage data from triggered geofences for efficiencies in scheduling to provide updates on service tech arrival and departure, jobsite check-ins/outs and near real-time alerts for emergency scenarios such as entering prohibited or dangerous areas

Advanced Reporting

Take advantage of the reporting capabilities that provide valuable data and monitoring opportunities to make informed decisions that can save time, money and lives.
  • Grouping can organize units per their operational requirements or based on country, city, state, job site, assets, vehicles, individuals, etc.  
  • Leverage data from enhanced mapping services to keep the entire team informed of resource and asset performance and activity
  • Conveniently schedule automated live or historic reports with custom distribution options for additional analysis
  • Utilize reports to establish threshold maintenance metrics to prevent machine failures in the field or on the road, analyze historic tank levels to help schedule fill or empty activity, deliver fleet management improvements and logging for compliance with government regulations

Which Mapping Service Works for You?

A robust, tenant-based portal offering a comprehensive mapping platform for use with ALL and any combination of Globalstar and SPOT products.

Provides an option for SPOT only device users with convenient login directly through SPOT My Account. Available with Enterprise functionality as well as the economical Premium option.

Where else do we have you covered?

Globalstar provides customizable solutions that deliver an always on, always connected approach. We can help you streamline business operations to enhance efficiency and productivity.

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