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In November 2015, the Lebanese Red Cross, the sole provider of emergency medical services in Lebanon, deployed 125 handheld SPOT Gen3 safety devices to enhance the safety of its workers.

The Lebanese Red Cross use SPOT Gen3 to track the location of its volunteers and search and rescue teams as they respond to critical emergencies. In such situations, volunteers can simply press an SOS button to send their coordinates over the Globalstar satellite network.

Red Cross managers can also install the SPOT app on their smartphones and tablets to read messages and see where each volunteer is located using Google Maps™.

SPOT Gen3's small size and long battery life make it ideal for remote volunteers in Lebanon's remote areas and mountains to keep in touch. 

According to Rodney Eid, Assistant Director for Crisis Management at Red Cross Lebanon, "Our volunteers and staff are working in some of the most difficult environments across the country. With SPOT Gen3 we will have the reassurance that our hard working team is safe and, if they are in life-threatening situations, they can press a single button and we can quickly respond and work with other emergency services to rescue them."