In December 2016, the FCC adopted rules permitting Globalstar to deploy a terrestrial low-power broadband network using 11.5 MHz of the Company's 2.4 GHz spectrum. This authority provides increased capacity for the nation's terrestrial broadband spectrum inventory and furthers the Commission's continued policy to increase spectrum efficiency. In addition to the FCC authority, given Globalstar's global spectrum position, the Company will be seeking international authorization in various countries in the near-term.


The Globalstar terrestrial band provides 11.5 MHz (3.7 Billion MHz-POP) across the entire United States. As a resource for LTE networks, Globalstar 2.4 GHz is unique in its support of small cell deployment. Small cell dominated network topologies are essential to meeting consumers' growing wireless data demands. However, sharing spectrum across both macro and small cell layers in other bands introduces interference limitations that severely compromise network performance. Globalstar licensed 2.4 GHz provides a unique opportunity for operators to dedicate high quality spectrum exclusively to capacity-producing small cell infrastructure. 

The band holds physical, regulatory and ecosystem qualities that distinguish it from other current and anticipated allocations. Most significantly, the spectrum is readily compatible with existing chipset architectures.


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