Our Technology

Globalstar’s state-of-the-art technology connects people every day in work and life through reliable voice and data communications over an exceptionally clear and secure satellite network.  Globalstar satellites provide reliability and operability worldwide connecting users in areas where traditional networks are unreliable or unavailable.  Our voice and data, IoT and SPOT tracking and messaging products work consistently, serving a multitude of companies, workers and outdoor enthusiasts in remote business and pleasure applications.
Our full suite of solutions improve communications and productivity and many of our products are equipped to enable the highest standard of lifesaving technology in the simple push of a button.  Our two-way duplex, one-way simplex and SPOT products transmit more than 1.3 billion messages a year, tracking assets, saving lives, connecting IoT devices in locations beyond cellular coverage.  To date, there have been nearly 6,000 rescues initiated worldwide thanks to SPOT and our lifesaving technology.