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Can I receive notifications or messages on my SPOT Gen3?

No. The SPOT Gen3 is a one way communication device. SPOT notifies friends, family or an international emergency rescue organization with status messages based on situation and need. Ask for Help (or SPOT Assist), Alert SOS, Check-In/OK and Track Progress - all with the simple push of a button. Before using your SPOT, you enter the content of these messages in your online account....

Can I send a message to indicate that I have started tracking?

Yes! You may send a Check-in or Custom message from your device to notify your contacts that you have enabled tracking mode. We recommend communicating with your contacts prior to leaving for your adventure to let them know that they may be receiving messages from your SPOT messenger or an email containing a share page link that will display your location information. Your tracking information may be viewed from your SPOT account, a shared page, and/or the SPOT app. Please note, tracking mode does not send messages to contacts. Tracking mode records your location by sending a transmission with your GPS coordinates at a regular interval. Tracking intervals may be configured from your SPOT account....

Can I send a message while tracking?

While tracking with your SPOT you will be able to send Custom or Check-in/Ok messages. If a Help or SOS message is sent from your device with tracking mode enabled, tracking will stop as the Help / SOS messages take message transmission priority....

How do I cancel tracking messages on my SPOT Gen3?

To stop sending track messages, press and hold the Track button until the light blinks red or power off the SPOT unit....

How do I know that the message was sent?

When you send a message from your SPOT Gen 3 the flashing LEDs indicate whether or not satellite communications are successful. Green flashing LEDs indicate that your device has successfully acquired your location and the SPOT is sending a message. Red LEDs indicate a communication error. If you receive red flashing LEDs, we recommend transmitting your message from a different location. The SPOT Gen 3 is a one way communication device. The LED lights indicate the transmission state of the device and message delivery to the SPOT gateway for delivery, but it does not guarantee message delivery to your recipient. To ensure optimal performance of your device while transmitting a message, please see tips below: The SPOT device requires a clear view of the sky to obtain a GPS signal and provide the most accurate location information. It is not reliable indoors, in a cave, or in very dense woods. The SPOT logo on your device must be facing toward the sky. Keep the device at least 12 inches away from other GPS devices as other GPS devices can interfere with the signal reception of the SPOT device. When sending a Check-in/OK or custom message, keep the device powered on for at least 20 minutes for the completion of transmission cycle. Please use lithium batteries for all SPOT devices. If you receive any red LED lights while attempting to transmit a message, please try sending your message from a different location. ...
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