Product Replacement

The Product Replacement Program offers registered SPOT users the ability to quickly replace your damaged, lost or stolen device.

SPOT Gen4 and SPOT Trace:  $17.99/yr or $1.99/mo + $30 deductible

SPOT X:  $30/yr or $2.50/mo + $50 deductible

SPOT Devices

Protect yourself and your Device:

From facing extreme temperatures to being tossed around on packs and vehicles, our products are built to take it. But let’s be honest—the activities you do and the places you go with your device bring unexpected challenges. That’s why the Product Replacement Program is available to you, just in case you need it!

Program Highlights: 

Duration:  12 months with automatic renewal upon 1 year
Coverage:  Damage, loss, theft, repair (only if not covered by the limited warranty)
Claims:  1 time per year allowed for replacements; repairs – max of 2 times
Different Plans:  No
Billing:  Monthly and Annual available at the time of initial service activation or during annual subscription service renewal
Replacement:  Refurbished unit if available or new unit