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Battery performance

To obtain reliable performance use only AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92). For optimal performance, please try to utilize SPOT Gen4 in locations with a clear view of the sky with the logo side up. Extreme heat/cold and trying to send messages indoors or under extreme canopies can drain on battery life. If the On/Off indicator light blinks red this is a warning your battery is about to die. Always carry extra batteries with you. Test your SPOT device before each trip by sending a Check In message. Proper battery selection is critical for best performance. State 100% Clear View of the Sky 50% Clear View of the Sky Powered Off 24 Months 24 Months SOS Approximately 13 Days Approximately 6 days Tracking Based on 24 Hours a Day Intervals 100% Clear View of the Sky 50% Clear View of the Sky 60 Minutes ~ 52 days ~ 26 days 30 Minutes ~ 26 days ~ 13 days 10 Minutes ~ 17 days ~ 8.5 days 5 Minutes ~ 9 days ~ 4.5 days 2.5 Minutes ~ 7 days ~ 3.5 days Tracking Based on 8 Hours a Day Intervals 100% Clear View of the Sky 50% Clear View of the Sky 60 Minutes ~ 156 days ~ 78 days 30 Minutes ~ 78 days ~ 36 days 10 Minutes ~ 45 days ~ 22.5 days 5 Minutes ~ 24 days ~ 12 days 2.5 Minutes ~ 20 days ~ 10 days...

Can I use other batteries in an emergency with my SPOT Gen4?

SPOT recommends that you use either Energizer™ Ultimate 8x AAA Lithium or Energizer™ NiMH Rechargeable Batteries to achieve reliable performance. Other AAA batteries will work with SPOT but are not recommended for optimal performance. Using non-recommended battery types may degrade the performance of your SPOT’s message transmission. Always carry extra batteries with you....

Can I use the SPOT Gen4 inside of my vehicle?

Yes. For normal usage place your unit horizontal on the dash, logo side up, slightly tilted towards the glass to ensure the signal is going through the glass, and not blocked by the roof. Experiment by sending Test Messages to ensure your placement is allowing the signal to transmit clearly through the glass. If in doubt, take the unit outside to a location with a clear view of the sky, where you can do so safely. SPOT Assist Roadside Service is currently available only in the United States and Canada. PLEASE NOTE: Messaging reliability may be reduced while attempting to transmit messages from within a vehicle. ...

How accurate is the SPOT Gen4 when reporting a user's position?

The SPOT Gen4 has a location accuracy of approximately 20 ft. (5 m)....

How can I determine if the SPOT device transmissions affect the aircraft’s navigation electronics?

Turn on the SPOT device and place it in Tracking mode. If the aircraft navigation system starts to have momentary interference issues at the same intervals that the SPOT device is transmitting Tracking messages, then the SPOT device must be moved or turned off to resolve the interference....
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