Realm Applications Enablement Platform

Slash Hundreds of Hours of Development Time

The low-code Realm Applications Enablement Platform is the key to unlocking the unlimited capabilities of the Integrity 150 and ST150M rugged, reliable devices in the field and slashing hundreds of hours of development time for new products. Once those products are in the field, the standards-based architecture means that new features and platform upgrades can reliably access the same hardware interfaces, APIs and applications as previous versions with no specialized coding.  

Transmit Smart Data From the Edge

Create new products and features in a fraction of normal development time and cost.  Instead of custom-coding for specific device hardware and painstakingly integrating it into your product, use Realm’s low-code platform, hardware abstraction and unified APIs to seamlessly interface between your application and all the capabilities of our edge devices.

Turn your installed base into your best source of new revenues.  With Realm as your device and enablement platform, adding additional sensors that deliver valuable new capabilities to customers has never been faster or easier, using Bluetooth connectivity and our library of sensor applications. 

Push the processing envelope.  Can machine learning and executable files improve the performance of systems in the field?  Realm devices provide plenty of storage and processing power to run applications at the edge, and the platform simplifies configuration, applications development and device management.

Application Layers

Application Layer The base applications that run the Integrity 150 and ST150M, as well as Bluetooth services, are open to developers for integration with their software, including theft alert, messaging, tracking, S.O.S. and BLE.
Unified API Layer Application program interfaces (APIs) enable your custom applications to immediately access the full capabilities of devices, including sensor support, without additional coding.
Library Layer An extensive and growing library of applications can be uploaded to devices in their current form or modified to interface with sensors measuring temperature, humidity, magnetic, angular position, motion, proximity and other metrics. No more writing custom code to control every aspect of hardware operation. We invite all integrators to share their successful modifications or new applications in the GitHub-style library with other Realm integrators.
Hardware Application Layer Hardware interfaces allow full driver/hardware abstraction within Realm devices to simplify and speed development.
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