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Satellite Solutions for Remote Line Worker Connectivity

About Our Client
Globalstar was recently engaged with an industry leading distribution and transmission construction company that operates across the United States and Canada. This company provides a full suite of power line contracting services to customers, including immediate emergency and storm response, distribution, transmission, live line work and more. 

The Challenge
In working with two major energy and utility providers in California, the company was contracted to provide inspections of power lines, poles, and structures in remote areas. The inspections typically occur throughout the year, servicing thousands of locations within the State of California. One line inspector typically does 35 to 50 inspections a day with each comprised of a routine check of mechanical and physical parts to determine what type of maintenance might be needed. With many of the inspection sites remotely located, safety managers needed to meet lone and remote worker safety requirements. Not surprisingly, they looked to satellite connectivity options to fulfill their safety and business operations obligations. With workers in potentially dangerous areas it was imperative that their team understand the real time GPS location of their remote assets and workers.

The Solution
Globalstar provided 300 SPOT X Bluetooth units linked to our real time GPS mapping platform, which were rotated amongst their staff based on their needs. For each worker to understand how to utilize the SPOT X devices, the company developed a thorough and comprehensive employee training program. When visiting remote locations in California, each inspector is required to utilize the check-in function on the devices to communicate with their supervisor. Employees were also trained on use of the SOS function, in the event that it might be needed.
Due to the extreme heat sweeping the region, the company soon experienced an employee SOS when a lone worker became dehydrated while hiking to an inspection site. After activating the SOS feature on the SPOT X device, search and rescue services arrived at the remote scene where the individual was treated with fluids and life flighted out of the area safely.

In addition to extreme heat and air quality, environmental hazards like shifting winds during wildfires, mountain lions, and bears are also potential threats that could impact line worker safety in California. Through satellite powered connectivity by Globalstar, safety and connectivity are ensured by providing line workers with the tools they need to keep them connected during remote inspections.

The ability to connect remotely via satellite when cellular is not available provides operations manager and HSE directors confidence knowing that remote workers are safe and have effective ways to communicate with the home office. With remote connectivity options firmly in place, safety managers and project managers can bring remote business projects in on time, safely, and under budget.