Blog / Satellite Solutions from SPOT for Worker Safety and Security in the Mining and Minerals Industry

Satellite Solutions from SPOT for Worker Safety and Security in the Mining and Minerals Industry

In the mining and minerals industry, ensuring worker safety and security can be very challenging particularly when new operations are launched in remote, unfamiliar regions of the world. 

For one mining construction firm that specializes in mine development and engineering, this was a primary concern as it launched 3 new mine development projects in rural areas within the Guerrero state of Mexico.

Like many natural resource companies, ensuring the safety and security of lone and remote workers at all times is a priority. A first step is to ensure that these workers have a reliable communications device that will operate completely independent of cellular or terrestrial networks, which can be unavailable or unreliable in remote areas where operations take place. For these companies, compliance with lone worker safety is also often regulated by government and at the very least is a core requirement of corporate HR policies for employee check-in. 

This mining construction firm had the added concern of ensuring the safety for its workers who would be travelling within this remote area of Mexico, from their homes to one of 3 project sites. To address the security concerns, the company deployed SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messengers to each worker which ensured they had a reliable way to check-in and share their route of travel with company headquarters as they travelled to and from work sites. The SPOT devices allowed the company to proactively manage worker safety and address security concerns with the added benefit of satellite-based emergency notification technology. For added security, the company installed SPOT Trace asset tracking devices in company vehicles to monitor movement and travel routes via satellite. The combined solution of SPOT Gen3 and SPOT Trace enabled the company to effectively manage worker safety and security as well as anti-theft asset tracking, all of which were vital as it launched its new operations.

For resource companies, prioritizing worker safety and security is key when it comes to expanding or launching new operations in regions around the globe, especially in regions where the reliability of cellular or land-based communication networks are questionable at best. SPOT for Business solutions are helping these companies by providing reliable and redundant satellite-based communications for worker safety and asset management. The new SPOT X with Bluetooth, is the latest in the SPOT family of satellite messengers. It is a ruggedized two-way satellite messaging device that ensures lone and remote worker safety when cell service is limited, unreliable or non-existent. In the case of a business disruption in which local infrastructure fails or becomes unreliable, SPOT X also provides businesses with a redundant communications solution. In addition, SPOT delivers on HR policies for remote worker check-in and compliance with lone worker regulations that exist in some regions. Should an accident occur, an SOS link with GPS coordinates can be sent to emergency and rescue services at the touch of a button.

SPOT Trace is another SPOT for Business solution. It is a rugged, easy to use theft-alert and tracking device that helps manage and track the movement of vehicles or assets in remote areas where other communication networks may be unavailable or unreliable. Through live and historical reporting, and new SPOT Mapping services, managers can efficiently oversee inventory from a distance, while improving the company’s security and loss prevention capabilities. Among the key benefits of SPOT Trace is it transmits GPS coordinates and can be tracked in near-real-time via Google MapsTM. Other features include geofencing capabilities, live alerts and reporting which can be easily monitored online from Globalstar’s centralized cloud-based platform using a smartphone, tablet or computer.  

With the many concerns resource companies are addressing today as they try to maintain productive and profitable operations, including indefinite supply chain disruption and closures, worker safety and asset security can be taken off the list with SPOT for Business satellite solutions.