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Globalstar helps companies work better, faster and more efficiently with satellite IoT data solutions that monitor and assist in the management of remote assets.

Satellite solutions from Globalstar are helping companies affordably and reliably address industrial IoT demands over a complete and fully modernized satellite network. These businesses are increasingly adopting automated satellite solutions to streamline M2M operations, monitor and manage remote assets, serve as redundancy to terrestrial communications networks and enable users to retain a competitive edge in today's hyper-connected, global marketplace.

The Globalstar IoT Advantage

  • Proactively manage remote assets through automated data and critical monitoring
  • Improve operational productivity through reliable remote asset performance monitoring, safety/compliance, smart metering and data visibility
  • Autonomous and efficient operation making it easier for personnel charged with responsibility of assets
  • Satellite service plans that are scalable, flexible and affordable to meet business needs

Globalstar Europe relies on a network of experts to promote its services. All of them are able to offer a wide range of telecommunication products as well as a proven expertise in developing customised turn-key vertical solutions. Globalstar's Wholesale partners can provide answers to important questions and help new customers choose the best products and airtime plan for their satellite service.

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