The Globalstar VAR Partner Program is designed to allow our value added reseller (VAR) partners the opportunity to increase their revenue from Globalstar's Wireless Telemetry product-line by targeting any industry imaginable that owns or operates fixed or mobile remote assets. 

Globalstar products are battery operated, ready-to-go telemetry devices designed to communicate with the Globalstar Satellite Service and provide cost-efficient and reliable asset tracking, monitoring and management over an extensive coverage area. The versatile Globalstar products are field-configurable to provide a rich feature set. In addition to location reporting, our products have customizable alarms which can report conditions such as door open, temperature drop/rise, moisture increase/decrease, presence of smoke etc.

As an authorized VAR partner for Globalstar's Wireless Telemetry Products, Globalstar offers you the opportunity to open up new revenue sources in multiple vertical markets, including truck, trailer, rail, cargo as well as other asset tracking such as generators, metering and fixed assets.

At Globalstar, we recognize the value of partnering in today's competitive environment and treat our partners with a high level of support and respect.

In the crowded asset tracking, monitoring and management market, only those VARs that can offer a truly differentiated, low-cost product - capable of supporting revenue-generating value-added services - will be rewarded with dominant market share and increased revenue. When you partner with Globalstar, you have the opportunity to sell a highly-differentiated solution to qualified customers rather than offering a commodity product to those customers that buy based on price alone.

When you partner with Globalstar, you have the opportunity to offer your customers a global brand supporting great margins. In addition, your company can provide low-cost, easy-to-install, global wireless products backed by years of engineering expertise to growing markets with unrecognized potential.

VAR Benefits

As a certified Globalstar VAR Partner, you receive a number of benefits, including:
  • Subject to mutual agreement and relevance, Globalstar will create and jointly issue a press release announcing our new partnership
  • Volume-based discounts on Globalstar products
  • Globalstar provide lead generation and referrals
  • Sales and Technical Training
  • Sales support from Globalstar on major accounts
  • Access to our library of sales, technical, and marketing collateral
  • Assistance in completion of proposals and RFI/ RFP response generation
  • Active inclusion in applicable Globalstar promotions
  • New VAR Demo kit
  • Reciprocal link to Globalstar web site
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