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Albany Lodge

About Albany Lodge
Albany Lodge is a recreational hunting, camping, fishing, and hiking resort located in the Snowy Mountain of Albany, Wyoming. The lodge sits adjacent to Medicine Bow National Forest, which guests frequent for snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and UTVing. With over 1 million acres of park exploration available to Albany Lodge visitors, the ability to stay connected is a necessity for both guests and employees.

The Challenge
The Lodge needed a solution to keep track of their Polaris Adventure fleet of 20 side by sides, 75 rental snowmobiles and four snow cats. With a National Forest at their doorstep available for recreational renters, it was necessary for the lodge to understand where their assets were at any given time. And with 90% of the lodge and forest outside of cellular connectivity, a satellite powered option was required. Additional Wildlife Zones in the forest prohibit motorized vehicles from use, with renters also prohibited from access to highway use due to liability.

The Solution

To address the need for asset tracking, Albany Lodge purchased a volume of SPOT Trace devices. The small, discreet trackers could easily be affixed to the snowmobiles and side by sides for a more turn-key solution. The tracking devices, used in conjunction with Globalstar’s back office program, SPOT My Globalstar, provided Albany Lodge with an easy to use dashboard that created real time visibility to all assets. To prevent users from entering Wildlife Zones, geofences were created to alert lodge employees when vehicles went out of range. As a theft protection measure, the tracking showed lodge management when a rental unit was also going outside of a defined perimeter.

With safety a key priority, the lodge also purchased a volume of SPOT X two-way satellite messenger devices to keep field personnel connected. Unpredictable weather conditions coupled with little to no terrestrial connectivity, allowed SPOT to help fill the communications gap for staff and guests. The continued use of SPOT My Globalstar with satellite powered SPOT technology are helping the lodge to better manage their equipment while always keeping employees and customers safe and connected.