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With job sites in six different states, M Betters Construction needed an efficient and affordable way to track construction equipment transported to and from job sites, as well as the ability to monitor equipment use. The process for tracking heavy equipment like skid-steers and mini excavators had become cumbersome, relying on phone calls back and forth and through various forms of documentation.

Mark Betters, owner of M Betters Construction, says, “We did research and found SPOT Trace to be the most cost-effective option. It is a great resource for the money.”

SPOT Trace allows them to easily check the status of equipment in near real-time and export data into excel. In addition to providing security should any of the equipment become lost or stolen, Betters uses the tracking data for billing the time each piece of equipment is used on each project. 

According to Betters, “I like that multiple people can look at the Share Page at one time. SPOT Trace has helped us to improve organization and more effectively manage our business.”