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Lone Worker Monitoring Solutions

What is lone worker monitoring?
As an employer you are legally responsible for the health, safety and welfare of all of your workers. If you have lone workers you have additional specific needs to consider. This is why many businesses use lone worker monitoring solutions to help address these specific needs. Deploying the right solution for your business can help streamline your operations as well as protect your lone workers while they work. We will help you pick the options to choose the best solution for you.
Commercial versus consumer solutions
Knowing how to differentiate between commercial outdoor lone worker monitoring solutions and consumer offerings for adventurers and explorers is the first step. It’s confusing as the GPS technology used can often be similar – so these solutions must all do the same thing, right?

Wrong! The difference is in the design of the back-end system – the commercial solutions have been designed specifically to help businesses manage risk across different types of lone workers, to respond to incidents appropriately and to comply with health and safety regulations.

Understanding the different types of lone worker risks
The commercial solution providers will want to understand the risks faced by your lone workers. These fall into two broad categories influenced by the location and nature of your lone workers activities. Urban lone workers typically are exposed to people-based risks such as aggression from the public whereas those operating in rural areas will be faced with environmental risks such as hazardous terrain.

If you have urban lone workers, you will probably want a police or ambulance response, if you have rural lone workers exposed to environmental risks you will probably want a mountain rescue type of response. Understanding this will help you narrow your choice of lone worker monitoring solutions.

Location and mobile reception
Location is so important and if your rural lone workers work beyond the reach of mobile phone reception then you will need a different solution to those suitable for urban workers with reliable mobile phone signal. This affects: The type of device your lone workers will use to communicate with you, a GPS Device versus a GSM device or a Mobile app. The lone worker procedures you will need to put in place and support.

The functionality you need from your chosen system – such as detailed Ordnance Survey mapping to enable rural lone workers to be located easily in an emergency.

Choosing the right lone worker monitoring system depends on your lone workers' activities, risks and location.

Working with Globalstar's satellite technology and GPS devices, Trackplot offer a robust and reliable solution for outdoor lone workers operating in rural, isolated or hazardous areas.
Lone workers check in with you regularly so you know they are safe. If a lone worker is incapacitated or unconscious the system provides alerts so the incident can be escalated, and the appropriate action taken.

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