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Challenges within the Fracking Industry

The fracking industry covers a huge territory across the US and requires thousands of heavy equipment to operate during this complex process. Globalstar solutions allow you to operate efficiently and help to keep and eye on your assets with SmartOne Solar and SmartOne C.

Business Challenge
Within the Oil & Gas sector, fracking operations cover a huge territory in the US, specifically around the Permian, Utica, Niobrara, Mercelles, Bakken and Eagle Ford regions. Thousands of heavy equipment are needed during this complex process of extracting natural gas from shale rock. Those pieces include pump trailers, tank fuel trailers, sand boxes/containers, flatbed trailers, acid tanks, chemical trailers, blenders, etc. With so many valuable, expensive assets deployed managers often find it overwhelming to manage these large fleets and knowing the whereabouts of each piece can present a major challenge. It is vital for businesses to have better control of their equipment by easily monitoring and track their remote assets, keeping the cost of day-to-day operations from increasing.  
Globalstar Solution
Globalstar provides a complete satellite IoT solution with coverage spanning across the globe, allowing managers to efficiently track mobile equipment. SmartOne Solar is an IoT device that provides excellent remote monitoring and tracking capabilities for the Oil & Gas market, especially during fracking operations.  With its NiMH rechargeable solar battery providing up to 10 years of life, the device drastically reduces maintenance time and cost for labor and equipment. It lets users intelligently configure reporting times and intervals for custom information delivery – making it ideal for the harsh fracking requirements. SmartOne Solar meets the Intrinsic Safety requirements necessary for the fracking environment with unparalleled safety/device certifications such as ATEX, IECEx and North America, IP68/69K and HERO.