Transmit Smart Data from the Edge

For your asset tracking and telematics applications that are too important to depend on cellular, Realm Enablement Suite transforms your data at the edge, reducing development time and satellite transmission costs while creating capabilities you never imagined were possible.  The application enablement platform gives you the tools to develop AI-enabled applications for driving smart data to your defined telematics and analytics endpoints.

Operational Intelligence Starts with Smart Data

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Out of the box reliability, low maintenance and low-cost operation

What Does “Smart Data” Mean?

Realm Enablement Suite tracking devices and integrated low-code application enablement platform lets users quickly configure and create AI-driven applications and host them on the edge – where they can make the biggest difference to  transmission efficiency and performance.

Realm delivers Smart Data – and that’s where better operational intelligence gets its start. What does “Smart Data” mean?
  • Just the asset tracking and sensor data you need at an affordable cost over most of the world 
  • An open-standards architecture that opens new applications capabilities and speeds development
  • The ability to interconnect multiple sensors using BLE5 protocol and  downloadable drivers
  • The power to host applications and process data from your edge devices for more efficient data transmission and enhanced performance 
Whether you are creating new products, upgrading existing ones, or are just in the market for a powerful, low-cost device to track assets and efficiently process sensor data, Globalstar has removed the technology barriers between you and success.

To Deliver Smart Data 

Globalstar has developed a technology stack with four elements
Orange Arrow An all-new set of low-cost, high-performance edge devices: Integrity 150 solar-powered asset tracker and ST150M satellite modem module
Orange Arrow An Application Enablement Suite with an extensive and growing library of applications for reducing development time and cost
Orange Arrow A powerful Data Center that makes it simple to manage devices, data, configurations and subscriptions
Orange Arrow Integration with your choice of analytics and dashboarding platforms, from on-premise servers to commercial IoT service providers to Amazon Web Services

Supported Products

Integrity 150

Integrity 150

Solar-Powered Satellite Asset Tracker and Data Transmitter
Transmit Smart Data from the Edge. The Realm-enabled Integrity ST-150 solar-powered device is immensely capable right out of the box, and provides the reliability, low-maintenance and low-cost operation that opens up a range of new uses. Featuring an open-architecture design, it offers the longest battery life and shelf life available. Integrated into the product is a GPS receiver, accelerometer, Nordic MCU, standard and customizable messaging capability, BLE5 Bluetooth connectivity, and tamper detection. Its SPI flash memory offers 8MB of storage for APIs, drivers, and customized applications.
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Satellite Modem Module
Quickly Integrate Vertical-Specific Solutions. The ST150M  module can be quickly and effectively integrated into technology for a range of markets.  The module includes a GPS receiver, accelerometer, Nordic MCU, 8MB external flash memory, integrated voltage regulator, and BLE transceiver. Its low-power architecture allows integrators to minimize battery requirements in their designs. 

The ST150 Dev Kit provides an ST150M module on a dev board with Arduino Uno Rev3 Form Factor with satellite and GPS patch antennas, ready to develop and test technology designs before committing them to hardware.
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Realm Application Enablement Platform

Quick Configurations and AI-Driven Applications Development
The low-code Realm Enablement Platform is the key to unlocking the unlimited capabilities of our rugged, reliable devices in the field.  The platform provides access to the firmware and base applications that run the devices and an extensive library of applications that can be uploaded to them to interface with sensors measuring temperature, humidity, magnetic, angular position, motion, proximity and other metrics.  Also included are hardware interfaces allowing full driver/hardware abstraction and APIs that give your custom applications access to device capabilities. The standards-based architecture means that new features and platform upgrades can reliably access the same hardware interfaces, APIs and applications as previous versions with no specialized coding.  The application library invites developers to share new and updated apps with the Realm customer base. 
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