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Helping Ranchers Know Their Water


Ranchers need open land to support their herds, and plenty of it.  One acre of land (0.4 hectares) can support a single cow, or two sheep or up to three goats.  Large herds may take hundreds or thousands of acres. But as much as animals need land for foraging, they must have water for drinking.  Cattle need access to nearly two gallons of water per 100 pounds of body weight in hot weather, and 24 hours without it can produce a measurable reduction in their growth.

On most ranches, that water is stored in tanks, which are generally refilled by water pumped from underground aquifers. Those tanks are always at risk, leaks in the tanks or pipes that supply them may drain the tank dry.  Pumps can also fail, or local wells run dry.  On a large property, ranchers can waste hundreds of hours a year simply driving to check water levels in their tanks, and they still have the challenge of identifying problems and fixing them. That is time and money that ranchers can ill afford.


Ranchbot Water Level Monitors use Globalstar satellite connectivity which services the US, Australia, and other markets where ranching is big business.  Its leading product is a solar-powered Water Level Monitor that ranchers can buy online and install themselves in just 15 minutes using simple tools.  The Ranchbot Monitor mounts on top of the tank and measures the interior water level. 

Each Ranchbot Monitor contains a Globalstar modem module that transmits water level readings across the Globalstar Satellite Network. Globalstar’s systems translate the data to  Ranchbot’s customer platform, MyRanchbot. The platform sets alert triggers based on the water level which are delivered real-time to the user’s cell and/or email.  The small, low-power module is an ideal fit for the Ranchbot’s solar power supply. Reliable and affordable, the module’s surface-mount design makes it easy to integrate into devices serving a wide range of applications. 

Ranchbot’s customer portal turns that stream of individual readings into actionable insights that save ranchers endless hours and reduce water-related risks to their herds.  The portal displays the full inventory of tanks with water levels of each and send alerts to low levels that demand action. Drilling down to the individual tank level, users can see how water levels change with time, allowing them to remotely identify potential problems from leaks to pump malfunction. 

Simple in concept, Ranchbot and their onboard satellite modem modules generate a steady chorus of praise from ranchers.  

“One of the best improvements I have ever invested in. I live 50 miles from the ranch, so it’s a 100-mile round trip to check water.  Now I can check the water 24/7.”

“It’s super easy to use. Mounted it up, dropped the probe in, switched it on and it’s completely taken care of itself.  Zero hassle, no maintenance.”

“Ranchbot has been one of the best tools we have ever acquired. It has saved us countless man hours, electricity bills and water. The ability to see how much water is in your tank, at any time of the day, and to receive alerts when you get a leak has been amazing.”



Ranchbot is a remote monitoring solution used by ranchers to increase productivity. Adoption of Ranchbot technology solves management and water challenges presented by an ever-changing climate, inflation, and soaring input costs, safeguarding long-term business performance whilst improving stewardship of natural capital.

Proprietary hardware drives data to the MyRanchbot platform providing ranchers with alerts and reporting on water trends and the ability to remotely control infrastructure. This data along with predictive analytics improves management, operations and resource allocation equipping ranchers with actionable insights. 

Ranchbot improves productivity and profitability through reductions in labor and fuel costs whilst improving sustainability outcomes, animal welfare and carbon emissions.