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FindMy has been using Globalstar tracking technology to keep animals safe since 2014.

FindMy was first established to help sheep farmers in Norway whose flocks graze fence-free in the mountains and often range across borders into Sweden and Finland.

Its IoT tracking collars use Globalstar STX3 chips because of their small size, ruggedness, long battery life, low cost and ease of integration. The collars communicate over the Globalstar satellite network making it easy to locate animals that have escaped or are injured while the geo-fencing feature ensures their herds graze only in designated areas.

Losing livestock not only affects a farmer’s income, it also impacts breeding stock. Thanks to the rich data transmitted by the FindMy system, farmers are empowered to manage their stock intelligently, and minimise loss due to inadequate food or water, disease or predators.

The system alerts farmers or herd managers when an animal has not moved for some time and using the collar’s GPS location, they can investigate quickly. The data trail also makes it possible to determine which grazing locations result in the best quality meat.

FindMy customers report a significant reduction in animal loss, with a positive impact on their bottom line. Today, more than 45,000 collars are in use from farmers in the Nordics to ranchers in Latin America. FindMy collars will also be used in a solution called SaveMyReindeer, designed to prevent trains from colliding with reindeer in Norway’s hinterland.

“FindMy is helping farmers ensure the best possible health of their livestock, protecting animals from disease and predators, and maximising herd value,” said Halvor Mjoen, Founder of FindMy. “Thanks to Globalstar’s commitment to IoT innovation, we will continue to find new ways to help farmers to monitor and safeguard