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In January 2016, SPOT Gen3 safety devices were deployed by major UK water provider Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) to track and protect lone and remote workers.

The well-being and safety of NWG's employees is a top priority and the initial deployment of over 300 SPOT Gen3 devices enhances the safety of 1,500 employees who carry out checks on reservoirs in remote areas, where GSM signal can be unreliable or non-existent. A "low-risk" category of occasional lone workers, either in offices or in the field, have access to a bespoke smartphone app for summoning help as part of a unique solution developed by Globalstar's specialist partner, Lone Worker Solutions™, who spearheaded the agreement.

Northumbrian Water Group conducted a lengthy and rigorous competitive selection process involving 46 technology providers before selecting staff security specialists Lone Worker Solutions to provide a hybrid satellite and smartphone solution based around Globalstar's competitively priced SPOT Gen3. This hybrid approach results in better operational efficiency and the affordability of both the device and subscription fees helps to optimise return on investment. 

Northumbrian Water - Health, Safety and Environment Consultant Team Leader Diane Somerville commented: "Ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff is an extremely high priority for Northumbrian Water Group and it helps us attract and retain skilled employees. Feedback from staff on the new solution and SPOT has already been overwhelmingly positive. Our employees are telling us that the system is easy to use and we are delighted that we are delivering on our ongoing commitment to constantly ensure that our people are safe while at work while they provide vital services to our customers."