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Research and Tracking

Globalstar counts as its customers a myriad of colleges and universities around the globe who rely on satellite powered connectivity for the purpose of tracking, monitoring and research. From Sargassam tracking (invasive seaweed) to ocean current tracking and even icebergs, scientists and advanced learning institutions have come to rely on Globalstar solutions.
Globalstar’s SmartOne Solar is a satellite modem with a solar-powered battery that is certified Intrinsically Safe with unparalleled safety/device certifications. The SmartOne Solar is easy to install, built to withstand harsh environment conditions and requires minimal maintenance, providing up to 10 years of usable service, making it ideal for long-term research and studies.
In the case of the Sargassam tracking, The University of Amsterdam together with Utrecht University, outfitted drifter buoys with SPOT Trace devices to better understand the dramatic increase of the seaweed across the North Atlantic.  SPOT Trace’s low device cost and size were key factors in the researchers’ decision for utilization. Each buoy was fitted with a SPOT Trace which features an integrated GPS receiver, simplex transponder, and motion sensor. With technology powered by Globalstar’s Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, combined with a long battery life, research teams benefit from high frequency sampling and precise, granular tracking.
SPOT My Globalstar is a user-friendly platform that allows research teams and business managers the ability to monitor tracked assets, create and leverage data and produce reports from real time information. Easily integrated with Globalstar products like the SmartOne Solar and SPOT Trace, SPOT My Globalstar provides the added option of a holistic solution for tracking and monitoring.
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