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Key Questions to ask yourself in Preparation of Natural Disasters

How prepared is your organization?
Would your organization be able to communicate during and after a disaster?  If terrestrial systems went down – landlines, cellular service and the Internet – how capable would your organization be?

Throughout your organization’s business continuity planning, you should be considering the following capabilities: redundant emergency communications, rapid deployable communications, and interoperable communications solutions. Interoperable satellite communications uses equipment ensuring operability and service that is approved redundant communications.

Why mobile satellite communications?
Land-based communications infrastructure may be damaged or destroyed by storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters. Satellite solutions are not vulnerable to these events, which is why they are key to any emergency preparedness and disaster recovery plan. Mobile satellite communication technology puts you in touch anywhere in the world and a key component in addressing interoperability & operability requirements before, during and after disasters, protecting the safety of your workforce with location-based tracking, messaging and life-saving SOS technology.
Globalstar mobile satellite communications should be an integral part of any business continuity and disaster recovery plan.  Our solutions for emergency preparation, disaster response and disaster recovery allow you to maintain emergency communications and ensure continuity when primary networks fail or are disrupted.  Our full suite of solutions improve communications and productivity and many of our products are equipped to enable the highest standard of lifesaving technology with the simple push of a button in locations beyond cellular coverage. To date, there have been nearly 6,000 rescues initiated worldwide thanks to our brand SPOT and our lifesaving technology.

A disaster recovery and business continuity plan must incorporate a communications system that will be ready and available to use when primary systems fail. Globalstar devices can be carried with you or included in an emergency kit, and specialized equipment can extend satellite communications to a vehicle or mobile command center, or integrated with a PBX for in-building use.

Mobile satellite communications have distinct benefits over terrestrial alternatives.  Globalstar combines the reliability of space-based communications and standards-based interoperability to provide an always on, always compatible solution. Satellite provides communications independent of PSTN and cellular networks. Point to multi point communications outside of the immediate area can only be accomplished via satellite in these situations, so it should be considered as part of your business continuity management system. An interoperable mobile satellite communications can fulfill these requirements and enables connectivity among users who would otherwise be separated by jurisdictions, frequencies, communication standards, methods and large land masses.

Meeting all National Standards for Emergency and Redundant Communications Globalstar mobile satellite communication products and services are interoperable-rated and fully compliant with public safety wireless communications standards including:
  • ASPR / Hospital Preparedness Program  National Standards
  • CDC / Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program  National Standards
  • DHS / Homeland Security Grant Program
  • FEMA / AEL. Authorized Equipment List
  • FEMA Safecom Guidance on Emergency Communications Grants
  • FEMA Standards on Interoperability
  • DHS National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP)
  • DHS Tactical Interoperable Communications Plan
  • NIMS / Compliance on Interoperability
Why mobile satellite communications an essential component for all critical network planning?
To enable rapid deployment and/or restoration and truly mobile communications, emergency personnel and first responders should incorporate Globalstar satellite services as a redundancy requirement in any communications network or architecture.  A satellite system should be included in the early planning of these initiatives to ensure there is a backup communications solution. Without a satellite component to any future emergency response communications network, emergency communications will be rendered useless when the terrestrial network sustains damage or is overloaded.
Globalstar is here to help you implement your company’s ability to address interoperability & operability requirements before, during and after disasters and support your organization’s needs for mobile satellite communications, safety and emergency management initiatives for all offices and operations.
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