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Asset Tracking Cost | The Globalstar Difference

A successful asset tracking solution should meet your needs in the simplest, most cost-effective way, while integrating easily into your operations. Globalstar’s satellite network and broad range of devices provide affordable, reliable, and robust asset tracking – and do it with a single platform regardless of local cellular coverage.

Whether sending GPS coordinates, sensor readings or real time location information of your assets, it takes only a small amount of bandwidth to transmit periodic bursts of data.  From satellites in space to devices in the field, our network is designed to deliver smart data – just the information, location tracking and messaging you need at an affordable cost over most of the world.
What Makes Globalstar Asset Tracking Cost Less?
When it comes to asset and fleet tracking, Globalstar is uniquely positioned to deliver reliable satellite connectivity beyond cellular. Here’s how we do it-
  • Owned and operated Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network.
  • Strategically placed gateways offer local network access and national numbering plans eliminating expensive international dialing.
  • Flexible annual and monthly plans ideal for seasonal or year-round users.
  • US based customer service and support.
  • Enterprise pricing options.
Satellite Solutions to Positively Impact Your Bottom Line
Through our satellite solutions, Globalstar products and services can help increase productivity and drive asset tracking cost savings for your business. From remote and lone worker safety to protection against theft or misuse we have options that track, monitor, and save your business money. Other benefits include:
  • Better Personnel Management.  Exploration and development involve field work by extended crews. Keeping them connected by text and voice to ensure safety on the ground. 
  • Protection Against Loss.  Geofencing of trucks, dozers, drills, loaders, and graders alerts managers if they leave a site, enabling onsite personnel to respond fast to theft or misuse. 
  • More Uptime.  IoT monitoring of equipment enables maintenance to be scheduled based on need and reduces downtime from breakdowns. 
  • Better Supply Chain Management.  Real-time tracking of shipments and supplies provides improved supply chain coordination to keep work moving.  
  • Improved Site Management.  Real-time data collection from sensors can provide managers a 360o view of operations and alert them to risks and dangers before they become critical.
The SmartOne family of trackers are configurable to accept inputs from a wide range of IoT sensors.  Mounted on equipment, they can monitor engines for better runtime management and service scheduling. The data they provide enables just-in-time provisioning, tool and equipment tracking, even remote monitoring of concrete curing. Rugged, cost-effective units provide the reliable connectivity needed to receive and analyze data in real time to drive decision-making.  
Products and Pricing
Globalstar provides its full range of communication, asset tracking and mapping products through value-added resellers and direct to users. Pricing for businesses enables quick start-up and proof of concept as well as full deployment. Flexible annual and monthly plans meet the needs of seasonal contractors as well as year-round operations. 
For more information about asset tracking costs and Globalstar’s affordable satellite powered solutions click here.