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Marathon Cyclists Choose SPOT for Tracking and Safety

The DETERMINED Cycling Tour is focused on connecting communities through physical fitness and putting students first. The proceeds from the DETERMINED Cycling Tour will help to create a $1.5 million endowment for Adventist Education in the Texas Conference with the goal of providing Adventist Education for all students who desire to attend but may not be able to afford it.
The multi-day Official Cycling Tour riders are committed to raising funds to offset their food and lodging expenses, keeping the focus on the students. They also realize the importance of being an example to show others cycling is a great way to take care of their health.
The Challenge
The cycling tour, often encompassing several hundred miles and spanning across two states in some cases, has riders cycling up to 120 miles a day often through areas where cell phone service is unavailable. During the fundraising event, each participant is “assigned a school” with children and sponsors encouraged to follow the race to help build participation and excitement. Tour organizer Kenn Dixon needed a satellite powered option for participants that could provide a sharable tracking solution while still offering a SOS safety option.
The Solution
Cycling Tour organizers came to Globalstar opting to purchase SPOT Trace devices. The lightweight, 3 oz. tracking devices could be easily mounted onto the frame of the bicycles. Together with SPOT My Globalstar, an automated GPS mapping platform, real time tracking, and visibility are available for both internal and external parties.
The Results
The SPOT Trace units together with the SPOT My Globalstar GPS mapping platform provided a turn-key solution for tracking and monitoring. The shared view provided the option for students and sponsors to see the progress of the cyclists throughout the length of the tour. With participants assigned a school, children could track and greet the cyclist as they rode by, often with a pep rally, banners, and signs to cheer them on. Schools even went a step further, incorporating the tour into their curriculum, teaching students about similar events like the Tour de France, helping to build excitement through active participation.
The Trace units also provided race organizers with an added layer of safety, allowing them the visibility of knowing where all the participants were at any given time. In addition to the SPOT Trace devices, Kenn also utilized SPOT X two-way messengers, which allowed for added satellite powered communication and SOS capability should an emergency occur. As a former marine, Kenn knew the importance of preparedness and safety surrounding long haul cycling tours, “you hope to never have to press the SOS button, but it provides peace of mind to know that you can always connect, if you need it.”

The next DETERMINED cycling tour is scheduled for April 3rd through the 9th with participants riding through Texas Hill Country.
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