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In late 2016, General Electric decided to deploy SPOT Gen3 to track and protect GE Wind Energy workers at installations across EMEA and Asia. GE crews in Pakistan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, across Africa, Central Europe and the Balkans will all be safer thanks to SPOT. GE considered many alternatives before choosing SPOT Gen3 for its reliability, reach, and in particular, its one-touch SOS button. GE was already using sister product SPOT Trace in Spain, Sweden, Ireland and UK to track and protect personnel and contractors in transit between wind-power sites, accommodation and airports. Carlos Chivite Trincado, Onshore Wind Energy Environment Health and Safety Leader at GE Wind Energy, said: "Our installations can be in the middle of the desert, or high in the mountains or on the coast, all areas where GSM might not reach." "Staff sometimes face very challenging circumstances; wherever they are, we need to know they are safe and connected. SPOT is an important part of our commitment to providing the best possible safety for our valuable crews." he added.