Blog / Vehicle Asset Tracking across Southern Africa using Globalstar SmartOne C

Vehicle Asset Tracking across Southern Africa using Globalstar SmartOne C

Tracking and monitoring trans-Africa transport trucks in Southern Africa across country borders and through areas of low GSM coverage with the SmartOne C device.

Streamline SA is an asset tracking technology company based in Springs, South Africa specializing in R&D, Storage & Data Management and Data forwarding.
Streamline were approached by a trucking transport company that required asset tracking of vehicles carrying imported goods from the Port of Durban, Kwazulu’Natal South Africa through South Africa across borders into Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. The client needed a solution that would allow assets to be tracked across Africa, regardless of country borders and GSM coverage in remote areas. Information was required at 10-minute intervals, regardless of movement, to allow for consistent monitoring and management. Other Satellite systems were considered but had proved complicated and unaffordable. The Globalstar SmartOne C solution provided the best option to fulfil the requirements within the client’s budget.
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The SmartOne C device was installed on the roof of each of the 200 trucks and covered with a dome to protect against the elements. A Streamline power supply unit with backup battery was connected which allowed for battery disconnect alerts to be pushed as well as Ignition ON and OFF events as required by the client. Streamline’s white label tracking platform allows the client to monitor truck location in relation to pre-set geo-fences and alert exceeded time-limits as well as alert on the Ignition On-Off events signaling vehicles in overtime status. Map icons on the platform were configured to clearly show Ignition Off (red) and Ignition On (green) events allowing operations managers to have an easy overview of assets in use. This reporting is used by the Operations team to improve overall management and efficiency of their transport route. As the truck drivers are crossing country borders and through areas of low GSM coverage, the SmartOne C, powered by satellite communications, ensures continuous tracking and monitoring of data.

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The transport company plans to roll out the SmartOne C project to a further 200 trucks by the end of 2020.