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Enable/Disable SOS Test Mode (if applicable)

Click on the SOS Test Mode bar to enable/disable the SOS test.
SOS Test Mode allows you to test the SOS function on your SPOT without alerting the emergency response center

  • SOS Test Mode is active until you manually disable Test Mode or the 0-minute test duration expires
  • SOS Test Messages will be shown in SPOT Mapping and delivered to the email address entered for this SOS test
  • If you need assistance with this process, please contact Customer Relations at (866) 651-7768

Before You Begin:
As a precaution, inform your emergency contacts listed on My Account that you will be testing SOS
To Test the SOS function on your SPOT using the My Account feature
  • Step 1: Enable SOS Test Mode by clicking the Enable button
  • Step 2: Go outside where there is a clear view of the sky and orient the antenna toward the sky. Power on SOS
  • Step 3: Verify that you have received an Email Alert for your SOS within a few minutes of starting SOS on your SPOT
  • Step 4: Cancel SOS and Power Off your SPOT
  • Step 5: Disable SOS test Mode by clicking on the Disable button

  • Ensure you are outside with a clear view of the skies when sending the SOS message
  • Ensure you Cancel the SOS message before disabling the test or before the 60 minute time limit expires
  • Power off the device once you have completed the SOS test
  • If not powered off, SPOT will continue sending SOS and the emergency response center will be alerted. You will be responsible for any charges related to rescue activities.

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