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Edit/View SPOT Dock Mode (if applicable)

Dock Mode is designed for monitoring assets that are constantly moving within a specified area, such as a boat on the water. When Dock Mode is enabled, the device will send a Movement Alert when movement is detected over 200 meters (approximately 600 feet) in distance essentially establishing a fence around your asset. Once the asset moves over 200 meters (approximately 600 feet), SPOT sends tracking messages.

When the asset is within the perimeter, Tracking is in standby mode. In standby mode, your device collects GPS coordinates but does not send tracking messages.

SPOT recommends that you line power the device when in Dock Mode.
Note: Dock Mode may slow down Movement Alerts due to the vibration sensor being modified to account for constant motion.

To Enable/Disable Dock Mode:

  • Go to My Devices
  • Click on Edit Settings and navigate to the Dock Mode tab
  • Click ENABLE to activate Dock Mode or DISABLE to turn Dock Mode off
  • Only available with the SPOT GEN4, GEN3 and Trace

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