Manage Your Assets and Prevent Loss of Equipment

The Globalstar product portfolio offers a variety of affordable, satellite-enabled Commercial IoT devices to manage your biggest investment – your business. With an integrated end to end solution that saves time, money and lives, SPOT My Globalstar back office and enhanced mapping services, supports the SPOT for Business & Globalstar SmartOne product lines. Globalstar Solutions help you keep track of your assets when dispersed over various locations, especially in remote areas where cellular coverage can be sparse or non-existent.
To effectively manage operations, you are keen on the necessary budget controls to consistently measure impacts of recurring or variable costs to keep the business running profitably. Centralize asset management and monitoring with easy set-up and efficiency by giving you visibility through one, data rich lens. Global Coverage provides intelligent management of both fixed and mobile assets deployed in remote locations. With a field workforce operating heavy machinery or rental equipment, commissioning production equipment, performing industrial and technical field services in remote or hazardous areas, you need certain safeguards in place to manage assets and remotely monitor GPS location and movement to ensure safety of personnel and assets on the job.   
Manage worksite security, monitor asset and equipment utilization, maintenance schedules, and critical event dispatch for service techs to ensure operational safety protocols and the highest performance and productivity. Low initial investment, customizable yet intuitive enough for non-tech users that provides a cloud-based, mobile responsive, dynamic interface with critical monitoring capabilities and logistics for critical events, alerts and advanced reporting.