ST150M Development Kit

Speed Your Applications and Solutions Development

Together with Globalstar’s new applications enablement suite and a license to Segger Embedded Studio, integration and customization with modular software is at your fingertips. The BLE5 implementation and software library allows for swift and secure integration of Bluetooth sensors, while the support for Arduino shield offers quick hardware integration, in addition to the exposed computer and I/O interfaces.

The ST150M Development Kit Includes:

  • ST150 Dev board (Satellite modem module, GPS, BLE 5.2, 3 axis accelerometer)
  • GPS and satellite antenna on a shield board
  • USB-c cable and wall-plug for DC input
  • Use existing application or develop your own with 1 yr GitHub access to Realm Application Suite source code and open-source applications
  • 6 months of unlimited satellite service & Realm Cloud access
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android to download configuration & edge applications from Github

Learn more about the Globalstar Application Platform.

The ST150M with BLE5 implementation and software library allows for a swift and secure integration of Bluetooth sensors. Support for Arduino shields offers quick hardware integration, in addition to exposed computer and I/O interfaces. The ST150M Development Kit comes with a pre-installed modem module and 6 months of free unlimited service with Realm Cloud access. Additionally, partners who opt for the Development Kit receive one-year access to Globalstar GitHub for source code.

Power Better Operational Intelligence with Smart Data

Realm's application enablement platform introduces a new standard to develop AI-driven applications that define and process data at the edge. Quickly spin up vertical specific solutions at a fraction of the cost and development time and transmit data that is smarter and works harder.  
  • Standards Based Architecture- new features and platform upgrades that can reliably access the same hardware, APIs as previous versions with no specialized coding
  • Health Monitoring – Pro-active device health monitoring, superior support 
  • Application Enablement Platform – Leverage industry leading BLE, Nordic C, comprehensive unified APIs
  • Applications Library – Ready built library that also serves as a hotbed for new applications development
  • BLE – Sophisticated libraries for sensors, updaters, configuration, and data
Coverage Map
Globalstar IoT Products Coverage Map
Orange Block Primary Coverage
Gray Lines Fringe Coverage
(Customers should expect to experience weakest signal)

Completion rates based on Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) that are set to transmit a single packet message 3-times (the original transmission plus 2-repeats) in the frequency appropriate for the given regions. This is an estimate of coverage only. Actual Remote Telemetry coverage may vary based on terminal location, terrain features, signal strength, and other factors affecting satellite communications. Coverage may vary. Specifications subject to change without notice. This map indicates areas of potential satellite coverage only. Actual availability of service in any particular country may be subject to government approval.