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Solutions for Remote Monitoring and Agroeconomic Data Collection

Agrosmart is the largest independent Digital Agriculture Platform in Latin America. Its solutions help rural producers and companies in the Agribusiness value chain to increase their transparency, sustainability, and traceability. The company monitors various data to generate agronomic and climate models, based on soil, microclimate, and genetic conditions.
Producers lack reliable information that mitigates the use of more water than necessary in their crops, resulting in reduced productivity, higher operational costs, and waste of agricultural inputs. The excessive water also aggravates the water crisis in the region. Monitoring different areas and the large extension of plantations also makes it difficult to identify problems in cultivation and manage general control of the plantation. This lack of data causes confusion for growers not knowing how much and when to irrigate, in addition to not knowing the right time for planting.
The solution developed by the company uses a meteorological station that works together with soil moisture sensors and digital rain gauges. The collected data is processed and analyzed by a technical team that developed a proprietary algorithm, providing real-time insights and recommendations for user decision-making. This information is made available through a 100% digital platform. All data transfer collected by weather stations is supported by Globalstar satellite technology. The equipment used by Agrosmart is a satellite transmitter with an integrated GPS receiver, of reduced size, accessible cost and low energy consumption.
The results associated to the usage of the Agrosmart solution vary from case to case, but conservative averages indicate a 60% reduction in water consumption, 40% in energy and a 20% increase in productivity. Return on investment, also following a conservative average, is around 300%.
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