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Satellite Messenger Tested: SPOT Gen4


Compared to the tracking-only Spot Trace (£66), the Spot Gen4 gives you the option of calling for help and sending messages, but you don’t get the two-way messaging or Bluetooth interface of the Spot X. For a marine application where you may already have a PLB or EPIRB, the SOS function is less critical, but as a tracking device that can also call for help, you could have satellite tracking for three months, including the device and service plan for £200.

That seems good value to us.

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18 Backpacking Gear Items You Need, According to Outdoor Professionals


Staying safe in the backcountry should be a top priority when you’re planning a backpacking trip. And in a world where you can instantly contact anyone, it can be stressful to go off the grid for days at a time. With the SPOT Gen4, a GPS messenger device, you’ll have both a lifesaving device for emergencies and a way to stay connected (without turning on your phone). Read More >

This Is Required Gear For Your Emergency Kit


The Spot X, a phone-sized 2-way messaging satellite and GPS device, was my extra little safety blanket. If I happened to be out of service, I could message family or friends and have them help coordinate a rescue, or I could potentially get in contact with SAR myself.  Read More >

Globalstar Wins Asset Tracking Order from Brazilian Oil and Gas Company


Oil and gas sector trading operations company Cisa Trading has selected Globalstar to deliver asset management solutions to its operations in Brazil.

Cisa Trading said it required satellite tracking and monitoring of 4,400 containers moving in and out of remote cellular coverage areas. The company selected Globalstar’s SmartOne Solar tracking devices because they met its operational requirements. Globalstar SmartOne devices are powered by solar energy and can be operational for up to 10 years with little to no maintenance.

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Must Have Overland Trailer Accessories


Coming back to your base camp after a long day of hunting only to discover that your overland trailer or off-road vehicle has been stolen can be an anxiety inducing nightmare. That’s why we think one of the best overland trailer accessories you can buy is the SPOT TRACE®. The SPOT TRACE® is a GPS tracking system for your trailer or vehicle, making it perfect for preventing theft. Simply attach the battery powered SPOT device to your trailer or vehicle and you can receive alerts if your either one is moved. Read More >

Satellite Linked Device a Life-Saver in Remote Areas


The SPOT device Leberman had carried with him on his cattle drives and other adventures off the grid had an S.O.S. function that activated a GPS tracker and allowed medical personnel to pinpoint his location in that remote canyon. The SPOT, about the size of a cell phone, proved to be a life-saving communication link in an area where cell service was not available. Read More >

Scottish Council Deploys Globalstar SPOT Gen4 in Trackplot Solution to Protect Lone Workers


Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd, reports that Trackplot’s long-standing customer, Perth & Kinross Council in Scotland, has deployed SPOT Gen4 devices. This is part of Trackplot's lone worker monitoring solution which safeguards lone workers, particularly those working in rural, isolated and hazardous locations.

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Dave Kagan, Chief Executive Officer of Globalstar, commented, "2020 was a very productive year for Globalstar as we surpassed a series of milestones in both the satellite business and in terrestrial spectrum. Momentum has continued into 2021. In this release we provide an overview of the satellite business’s recent performance and update our strategies going forward. We also revisit the terrestrial spectrum progress that we have made in recent months and expected developments in the next year. This release is meant to offer investors a fulsome view of where the Company is today and where we believe we are going." Read More >

2021 Jeep Jamborees Will Be Safer Than Ever Thanks to SPOT Technology Partnership


As one of the leading providers in the satellite messaging space, SPOT will provide its range of services for Jeep drivers to use when on the trails for all scheduled events on the 2021 tour list. The Jeep Jamboree is expecting to see thousands of riders across the country participate in its events using the GPS services provided by SPOT.

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Globalstar’s Band n53 in Qualcomm’s X65 Modem


Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) (“Globalstar” or the “Company”) today announced that Qualcomm Inc. has included Globalstar's Band n53 in its new 5G X65 modem. The X65 is Qualcomm's flagship 5G modem and adds global 5G band support for n53. With Qualcomm's support the potential device ecosystem expands significantly to include the most popular smartphones, laptops, tablets, automated equipment and other IoT modules. Read More >