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Spanish Regional Authorities Continue to Trust Globalstar and SPOT to Safeguard Fire Fighters


NFOCA, the administrative authority for forest and wildfire management, a department of the Junta de Andalucía, has extended its agreement with specialist fire management technology provider Technosylva, whose solution for the authority is enabled by Globalstar’s satellite network and 550 SPOT satellite messengers. Andalusia’s INFOCA is one of the largest fire authorities in Europe with 5,000 response personnel to cover this expansive region in southern Spain. Read More >

Great Gift Alternatives for the Person Who Has Everything


If you know someone who loves the great outdoors, they probably have everything they need, from a fitness tracker to a great hiking backpack, water bottle, and other relevant gear. But I bet one item they never thought of was a satellite GPS tracker. The new SPOT Gen4, which is $165 on sale (regularly $190), provides a critical, potentially life-saving line of communication once the person finds themselves in an area without cellular service. Read More >

Globalstar SPOT Devices Reach A 20K Sales Milestone By Reseller Global Telesat


This 20,000 total represents aggregated sales of SPOT Gen4, SPOT X, SPOT Trace, and earlier generations of SPOT. Since the device family’s initial launch in 2007, SPOT has been enthusiastically embraced by adventure travelers and sportspeople, including enthusiasts of leisure marine, motorcycling, hiking, paragliding and other forms of free flight, among other high-octane and high-adrenaline activities. Read More >

UK Globalstar Reseller Global Telesat Communications Achieves 20,000 SPOT Sales Milestone


Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar and the provider of satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, announced that UK specialist wireless and satellite technology reseller, Global Telesat Communications (GTC), a subsidiary of Orbsat Corp. (NASDAQ: OSAT), has achieved the landmark milestone of 20,000 SPOT device sales, making GTC one of Europe’s most successful re-sellers of SPOT products. Read More >

The top fitness, camping and snowsport gifts for 2021


SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger: Keep them connected out of cell range with this two-way messenger that connects to a cellphone via Bluetooth or can be used as a standalone device. Read More >

25 Outstanding Outdoor Gear Gift Ideas


Getting off the grid is both an admirable goal and a potential nightmare. The Spot X Jeep Special Edition ensures that even when you're way out of cellular range, you can still quickly check in to let friends and family know that you're OK. Though this two-way messaging device has its own dedicated U.S. phone number, its main use is in bestowing satellite coverage to your everyday smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.  Read More >

Holiday Gift Guide 2021


Any adventurous person should have a portable tracker while exploring to keep in touch with the real world. Spot Gen4's communicator monitors location, has message and email capabilities and can deliver emergency alerts.  Read More >

Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers


“I think every paddler, hiker, or even people towing campers into wilderness areas need to own one,” says Hammer, who takes his SPOT X on long-distance, multi-day, solo canoe trips in the Everglades and beyond. “If I press the ‘OK’ button it sends an email via satellite to everyone in my contact list, and includes a Google Earth link that shows my position when I press the button. Read More >

Whether You’re Shopping for a Jet-Setter or a Day-Tripper, Here Are 35 of the Best Gifts for Travelers


Whether you’re planning on going off the grid yourself or shopping for someone who frequently does, this GPS messenger by Spot is a must. It’s powered by GlobalStar satellite to alert friends and family of their exact location on hikes, camping trips, and offshore excursions. Read More >

Marathon Des Sables 2021 endurance runners to benefit from satellite tracking and safety


Globalstar has for the sixth time been named Official Tracking Partner for this year’s event, taking place from 1-11 October 2021. MDS did not take place in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each of MDS 2021’s 800 pre-registered participants will have the small, rugged SPOT units mounted on their backpack. SPOT will transmit their GPS location every five minutes so that race organisers, emergency support crew, sponsors, family and friends can precisely track each runner’s progress online.

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