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Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers


“I think every paddler, hiker, or even people towing campers into wilderness areas need to own one,” says Hammer, who takes his SPOT X on long-distance, multi-day, solo canoe trips in the Everglades and beyond. “If I press the ‘OK’ button it sends an email via satellite to everyone in my contact list, and includes a Google Earth link that shows my position when I press the button. Read More >

Specialist Globalstar integrator associate Superior Monitoring reaches key milestone of over 2,000 Globalstar IoT monitoring gadgets deployed for its clients


Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd,  today announced that its SmartOne Solar satellite IoT transmitter is being deployed to provide satellite tracking for leisure boat owners. The announcement comes as Globalstar integrator partner Advanced Tracking achieves the milestone of deploying over 2,000 Globalstar SmartOne C IoT tracking devices for its customers in the marine sector.

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Whether You’re Shopping for a Jet-Setter or a Day-Tripper, Here Are 35 of the Best Gifts for Travelers


Whether you’re planning on going off the grid yourself or shopping for someone who frequently does, this GPS messenger by Spot is a must. It’s powered by GlobalStar satellite to alert friends and family of their exact location on hikes, camping trips, and offshore excursions. Read More >

Marathon Des Sables 2021 endurance runners to benefit from satellite tracking and safety


Globalstar has for the sixth time been named Official Tracking Partner for this year’s event, taking place from 1-11 October 2021. MDS did not take place in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Each of MDS 2021’s 800 pre-registered participants will have the small, rugged SPOT units mounted on their backpack. SPOT will transmit their GPS location every five minutes so that race organisers, emergency support crew, sponsors, family and friends can precisely track each runner’s progress online.

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‘I’m a Forest Ranger and These Are the 9 Items I Never Camp Without’


For staying safe on long, backcountry trips way off the grid,  Burns recommends carrying an SOS beacon or GPS satellite device. Tools like the SPOT Gen4 GPS Satellite Messenger use satellite technology to provide life-saving communication in life-threatening situations. So, if you're all the way out in the backcountry and need help from a ranger, SPOT sends your GPS coordinates to first-responders with a push of a button.  Read More >

Globalstar SPOT Gen4 Selected By France’s Federation Of Free Flight


Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd. has announced that Fédération Française de Vol Libre (FFVL), the French Free Flight Federation, has procured SPOT Gen4 satellite GPS messengers to track and safeguard people who participate in free flight sports, from under-18 trainees, to elite athletes competing on the world stage. Read More >

Globalstar has announced its latest deployment in the field of science and environmental protection by supplying its satellite-enabled SPOT Gen4 to help Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s soil researchers.


The Trust’s Yorkshire Peat Partnership (YPP) will use the SPOT satellite GPS messengers to “track and safeguard” scientists and surveyors working across Yorkshire’s remote upland moors. Read More >

This Portable GPS Tracker Lets You Send Custom Messages When You're Off the Grid


The Spot Gen4 communicator and check-in device is something I won't hike, bike, or go anywhere potentially off-grid without. At the press of a button, it's able to immediately alert local response teams of my GPS coordinates via the International Emergency Response Coordination Center and potentially save my life. For this reason and more, it's a travel staple for me, my partner, and his adventure-loving family — and it should be one for you, too.  Read More >

5 Satellite Communicators to Keep You Safe and Connected in the Backcountry


Spot Gen4 Satellite GPS Messenger - Rated to operate down to -22°F and up to 21,320 feet, the geofencing feature will send an alert if it strays outside of a predetermined area. It also uses four AAAs so you can always have backups to keep power flowing. Read More >

How to go backpacking (and why it's worth the effort)


Even if you're not going deep into the wilderness, it's worth considering a battery-powered satellite device, such as a SPOT beacon. Many backpacking destinations don't have cell service, which makes getting lost or twisting an ankle a serious matter.

While you may never use it, a satellite device can provide peace of mind and potentially life-saving access to emergency services. Read More >