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Seattle-Based Tech’s Satellite Tracking Device Could Ensure Smarter Global Distribution of Vaccine


The same communications networks we rely on in the US might not exist in remote places were the vaccine will be rushed to people via motorcycle, and a lot can go wrong if time and temperature are not closely monitored. Read More >

15 Essential Winter Hiking and Gear Tips


Stay in contact and even call for help with the SPOT X Satellite Communication Device. Send text messages to any cell phone or email address even when there’s no cellular service, and call for emergency services in case of trouble with its S.O.S. signaling feature. Read More >

SPOT X and SPOT Gen4 are a Must-Have When Traveling Off the Grid


Mobile phones are a godsend when it comes to being able to stay in touch with friends and family mostly anywhere on the planet. I say “mostly” because there are spots where your mobile phone just won’t work. This is because there are areas where there aren’t any cell towers to transmit signals and that’s why we also have ways of communicating via satellite instead. Read More >

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Stocking-Stuffer Sized Outdoor Gear For Every Type Of Adventurer


With each Spot X assigned their own dedicated U.S. number, adventurers can use this tiny 2-way satellite messenger to text and email friends and family when they’re off-grid, send S.O.S. messages to a 24/7 Search & Rescue service, and even track their expeditions in a cloud-based mapping system for everyone back home to follow along as they make their way through whichever backcountry has been calling. Read More >

The 2020 IoT Gift Guide from IoT For All


Finally, a modern IoT solution for the kid’s backpack in The Family Circus. SPOT Gen4 offers affordable personal tracking, one touch check-in and S.O.S. emergency response technology. Read More >

This 50% Off Tracking Device Can Keep Tabs on Your Car or Boat for Just $50


In the movies, spies use GPS devices to track stuff around the globe. But you can't use just any GPS device, because it needs to be able to transmit its location to a gadget you disguise discreetly as a brandy snifter. Or, if you're not a Double-0 in the employ of MI-6, you can check using a mobile app. Spot Trace is a tracker designed to keep tabs on anything -- a car, boat, snowmobile, you name it -- with a long-life battery. Right now, you can get your own Spot Trace for $49.89, which is $50 off the usual price.  Read More >

SPOT Gen4 Review: Better Maps, More Messages, and Auto-Send


An excuse to disconnect is one of the most compelling aspects of a trip into the wilds. Still, the ability to check in, track location, and, in a pinch, summon help, remains critical for serious adventures. The SPOT Gen4 one-way GPS Satellite Messenger marks one of the latest solutions. Read More >

Fall 2020 Backpacking Gear Guide


One of my favorite things about going backpacking is leaving the day to day bustle behind. I love going where cell service is nonexistent and where I can’t be reached. But as I take kids or go out by myself having a lifeline has become a must. The new SPOT Gen4 gives me peace of mind while in the backcountry that if something went horribly wrong, I would be able to get help. Read More >

Best Satellite Messengers of 2020


The SPOT X fills a niche. This is a two-way, satellite-linked, backcountry messaging device that works entirely on its own. The built-in physical QWERTY keyboard distinguishes it from any of the competitors.  Read More >

Globalstar Receives Terrestrial Authorization in Canada, Brazil and Kenya


Globalstar, Inc. today announced that it has obtained terrestrial authorizations in Canada, Brazil and Kenya. Read More >