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The Industry Looks Forward to Festival of Boating


And staying with sailing, Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc), announces that TracTrac, specialist provider of hardware and software solutions for tracking of competitive sailing and adventure sports, is deploying SPOT Gen4 devices to support race events on land and sea. Established in 2005, TracTrac is a software and services company which has developed an innovative tracking platform specifically designed to provide capability for difficult-to-follow sports. These include race sailing and long-distance endurance sports as diverse as road cycling, open water swimming, trail running, orienteering, Nordic skiing as well as multi-discipline events such as triathlon and adventure races. Read More >

Globalstar Satellite Devices Chosen by TracTrac


After trialling several technologies TracTrac settled on the Globalstar SPOT Gen4 device, first introduced in EMEA in August 2020, thanks to its ease-of-use and reliability. SPOT also acts as a valuable safety device: Should an event participant face an emergency, pressing the unit’s SOS button instantly sends an alert along with the user’s GPS co-ordinates. Read More >

The Worth Father’s Day Gift Guide: 51 Phenomenal Gift Ideas to Give Dad


For the intrepid dad or grandfather who is known to seek adventure off the grid, nothing will give the family more peace of mind than the SPOT X 2-way satellite messenger. Dad will be able to easily keep in touch with friends and family whether climbing in the Himalayas, sailing across the Caribbean or traversing the Namib desert from Angola to Namibia. Read More >

Camper’s Death Could Have Been Prevented With a Satellite Messenger. Don’t Let it Happen to You!


Over these last ten years I have found myself using my satellite messenger more during my RV travels than any of the activities I initially purchased it for. In fact, I now consider it essential gear for my RV. Read More >

Satellite Messenger Tested: SPOT Gen4


Compared to the tracking-only Spot Trace (£66), the Spot Gen4 gives you the option of calling for help and sending messages, but you don’t get the two-way messaging or Bluetooth interface of the Spot X. For a marine application where you may already have a PLB or EPIRB, the SOS function is less critical, but as a tracking device that can also call for help, you could have satellite tracking for three months, including the device and service plan for £200.

That seems good value to us.

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SPOT Partners With Desert Vets Racing


SPOT LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globalstar, today announced its partnership with Desert Vets Racing, an off-road racing organization founded by military veterans for veterans and active duty personnel. As part of the partnership, SPOT is providing the organization with goods and services to enable communication and driver safety while off-roading in areas without terrestrial connectivity. Read More >

18 Backpacking Gear Items You Need, According to Outdoor Professionals


Staying safe in the backcountry should be a top priority when you’re planning a backpacking trip. And in a world where you can instantly contact anyone, it can be stressful to go off the grid for days at a time. With the SPOT Gen4, a GPS messenger device, you’ll have both a lifesaving device for emergencies and a way to stay connected (without turning on your phone). Read More >

This Is Required Gear For Your Emergency Kit


The Spot X, a phone-sized 2-way messaging satellite and GPS device, was my extra little safety blanket. If I happened to be out of service, I could message family or friends and have them help coordinate a rescue, or I could potentially get in contact with SAR myself.  Read More >

Globalstar Wins Asset Tracking Order from Brazilian Oil and Gas Company


Oil and gas sector trading operations company Cisa Trading has selected Globalstar to deliver asset management solutions to its operations in Brazil.

Cisa Trading said it required satellite tracking and monitoring of 4,400 containers moving in and out of remote cellular coverage areas. The company selected Globalstar’s SmartOne Solar tracking devices because they met its operational requirements. Globalstar SmartOne devices are powered by solar energy and can be operational for up to 10 years with little to no maintenance.

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Must Have Overland Trailer Accessories


Coming back to your base camp after a long day of hunting only to discover that your overland trailer or off-road vehicle has been stolen can be an anxiety inducing nightmare. That’s why we think one of the best overland trailer accessories you can buy is the SPOT TRACE®. The SPOT TRACE® is a GPS tracking system for your trailer or vehicle, making it perfect for preventing theft. Simply attach the battery powered SPOT device to your trailer or vehicle and you can receive alerts if your either one is moved. Read More >