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The 2020 IoT Gift Guide from IoT For All


Finally, a modern IoT solution for the kid’s backpack in The Family Circus. SPOT Gen4 offers affordable personal tracking, one touch check-in and S.O.S. emergency response technology. Read More >

This 50% Off Tracking Device Can Keep Tabs on Your Car or Boat for Just $50


In the movies, spies use GPS devices to track stuff around the globe. But you can't use just any GPS device, because it needs to be able to transmit its location to a gadget you disguise discreetly as a brandy snifter. Or, if you're not a Double-0 in the employ of MI-6, you can check using a mobile app. Spot Trace is a tracker designed to keep tabs on anything -- a car, boat, snowmobile, you name it -- with a long-life battery. Right now, you can get your own Spot Trace for $49.89, which is $50 off the usual price.  Read More >

SPOT Gen4 Review: Better Maps, More Messages, and Auto-Send


An excuse to disconnect is one of the most compelling aspects of a trip into the wilds. Still, the ability to check in, track location, and, in a pinch, summon help, remains critical for serious adventures. The SPOT Gen4 one-way GPS Satellite Messenger marks one of the latest solutions. Read More >

Fall 2020 Backpacking Gear Guide


One of my favorite things about going backpacking is leaving the day to day bustle behind. I love going where cell service is nonexistent and where I can’t be reached. But as I take kids or go out by myself having a lifeline has become a must. The new SPOT Gen4 gives me peace of mind while in the backcountry that if something went horribly wrong, I would be able to get help. Read More >

Best Satellite Messengers of 2020


The SPOT X fills a niche. This is a two-way, satellite-linked, backcountry messaging device that works entirely on its own. The built-in physical QWERTY keyboard distinguishes it from any of the competitors.  Read More >

Globalstar Receives Terrestrial Authorization in Canada, Brazil and Kenya


Globalstar, Inc. today announced that it has obtained terrestrial authorizations in Canada, Brazil and Kenya. Read More >

Fresh Produce: SPOT Gen4 Tracking & Messaging Because Breadcrumbs are for the Birds


If you’re lucky, you regularly ride somewhere remote and deep that is well out of cell phone range. And being lucky, you probably have somebody back home who, maybe just deep down inside, is a little worried about you when you ride alone.  Read More >

New Gen4 SPOT offers tracking basics


If you’re on the market for a simple satellite tracker, SPOT’s new Gen4 might be what you’re looking for. It doesn’t have the same flashy features as the Garmin inReach line, but it’s got several small upgrades over previous SPOT devices.

For several years, SPOT has been selling trackers that can broadcast a user’s movements via satellite interface. Some riders use them for tracking rally riding, or to provide some safety on offroad trips. Thanks to the satellite uplink, offsite users can follow the tracker’s progress online, and the tracker’s user can also use the device to send an SOS or other customized message through the satellite system.

Read More >

Turn Your Phone into an Off-The-Grid Communication Lifeline


Of-the-grid outdoor experiences are one of the few pleasures that have made it through the COVID-19 pandemic relatively unscathed. Spending time in the outdoors with your family or QuaranTeam appears a healthy activity, giving many in Utah a much-needed outlet. With that said, it’s more important than ever to be able to communicate with others which can often be challenging when you’re on a 700-mile bikepacking route in Bears Ears or just doing some stargazing near Capitol Reef State Park. Read More >

Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 Satellite Helps Firefighters in Spain


Globalstar Europe Satellite Services has revealed details of a key new deployment of its technology in Spain. The company announced Aug. 6 that its 550 SPOT Gen3 satellite enabled safety devices are being deployed to safeguard and track firefighters across the vast expanse of Andalusia in southern Spain.

INFOCA is one of the largest fire authorities in Europe with 5,000 response personnel. Andalusia is Spain’s most populous region with eight million inhabitants and several million tourists throughout the year. Fire is a major problem in Andalusia, its climate always subject to the extreme influences of the Sahara Desert. With its rugged and mountainous terrain, human exposure to fire risk is very high. Read More >