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Globalstar and Nokia to Demonstrate Band 53 Private LTE Solution at the UTC Telecom & Technology Conference


Globalstar announced that they will be showcasing with Nokia the benefits of a Band 53 TDD-LTE solution for private network applications geared specifically to the critical communications needs of utilities around the world at the upcoming UTC Telecom & Technology Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Read More >

Globalstar, Echo Ridge Offer GPS Backup Tech to DOT


Globalstar and Echo Ridge developed and are prepared to support a live field demonstration of a stand-alone Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) capability to backup and/or complement GPS in case of GPS unavailability or unreliability. The companies have informed the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).

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Globalstar IoT Solution Deployed in Finland and Sweden


Globalstar revealed that farmers have deployed a new Globalstar Internet of Things (IoT) technology solution to track and protect thousands of reindeer in the north of Finland and Sweden. Read More >

Globalstar: Satellites Powering Communications for Recon Powerline Wildfire Prediction and Warning Platform


Globalstar, Inc. announced today that the company has entered a long-term strategic relationship with Seattle-based Recon Powerline allowing the company to use Globalstar's satellite and multi-radio modems to help address the growing issue of wildfire risk management.  Read More >

The 4 Best Satellite Messengers for Traveling Off-the-Grid


Because it's not tethered to your phone, it will retain all its advanced functionality—two-way texting, mapping, tracking—even when you drop your phone in a lake.  Read More >

Globalstar's SPOT Gen3 Becomes a Safety Asset for the MARATHON DES SABLES 2019 Desert Running Race


Each MDS participant will have the small, rugged, SPOT Gen3 mounted on their backpack, transmitting their GPS location every few minutes so that race organizers, emergency support teams, sponsors, family and friends can precisely track each runner’s location online. Read More >

Globalstar Moves Into New Covington Headquarters


The satellite communication company’s executives and public officials gathered Thursday for an open house at the new facility. Read More >

SPOT-X Satellite Review from Sail Magazine


The SPOT X two-way satellite messenger is an economical way of staying connected to the outside world via text or e-mail when you’re at sea. As well as the messaging service, it has a distress function that not only alerts authorities if you’re in trouble, but lets you communicate with them Read More >

Covington High Business Classes Give Students an Edge


Business classes are in high demand at Covington High School partly because students learn interesting skills in them, but also because those skills are valued in the workforce. With knowledge and training come opportunities for students to earn industry-based certifications in micro-enterprise from the Baton Rouge Area Chamber.

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Texas company answers SOS Call of Man in Distress in Scotland, Via Satellite


A man in his 70s, who lives in a remote cabin in the Scottish Highlands, was airlifted to a hospital after his SOS signal was picked up by a company thousands of miles away ... in Texas. Read More >