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Globalstar's 3GPP Approval of Band 53 as a 5G Band


Globalstar, Inc. announced that the Third Generation Partnership Project (“3GPP”) has approved the 5G variant of Globalstar’s Band 53, which will be known as n53.

Jay Monroe, Executive Chairman of Globalstar, commented that achieving 5G status with their band is a significant advancement in their spectrum efforts. New networks around the world will be built utilizing 5G’s advanced technology and their resource will now work in those networks. They appreciate the industry’s continued support of their spectrum and applaud the 3GPP working group for their approval.

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Globalstar Launches New Sat-Fi2® Remote Antenna Station Bundle


Globalstar, Inc., a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services, is pleased to introduce its latest technology offering for the maritime industry. The new Sat-Fi2® Remote Antenna Station (RAS)+, expands the capabilities of the more portable Sat-Fi2® Wi-Fi Hotspot by incorporating a highly efficient remote antenna, combined with additional accessories, making it a one-stop shop option for enabling communication where cellular service is unavailable. Read More >

Globalstar 5G Variant Band Receives 3GPP Approval


The Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has approved the 5G variant of Globalstar’s Band 53, which will be known as n53, the mobile satellite operator announced March 23.

Globalstar said that in addition to being compatible with small cell network use, n53 can also act as a traffic channel or as an anchor for other licensed or unlicensed bands in 5G networks, allowing rapid and economical deployment of a licensed spectrum band.

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SPOT Launches SPOT Mapping To Aid With Satellite Messengers


If you're planning some big camping trips into the backcountry this year, it's comforting to know SPOT tracking services have just been upgraded.

SPOT's parent company, Globalstar Inc, announced SPOT Mapping is a new upgrade available to anyone who owns a SPOT X, SPOT Trace, SPOT Gen 3 or any SPOT legacy products. These products have been providing solid peace of mind for anyone wandering away from a good cell phone signal for years now.

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New SPOT Mapping Provides Advanced Navigation and Tracking Services


Globalstar Canada Satellite Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc. and a leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, has announced new SPOT Mapping services available on all active SPOT service plans and across all SPOT devices. SPOT Mapping is an affordable, easy-to-use, multilingual tool for mapping and managing workers and sharing positions from outdoor journeys, providing peace of mind when the unexpected happens. Read More >

Globalstar Helps Researchers Track Mysterious Seaweed


Dutch researchers are using drifter buoys fitted with SPOT Trace satellite trackers from Globalstar Europe Satellite Services to understand the dramatic increase of Sargassum seaweed across the North Atlantic, Globalstar announced Thursday. Read More >

Mexican Students Launch a Small Satellite to the International Space Station


The first satellite built by students in Mexico for launch from the International Space Station is smaller than a shoebox but represents a big step for its builders. The project is part of NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative, which offers universities, high schools and non-profit organizations the opportunity to fly small satellites. 

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Early Black Friday Deals on Great Hunting and Fishing Gear


If you know someone who is reluctant to carry a GPS into the backcountry, but likes knowing that help can arrive in the event of an emergency, this is the gift for them. Read More >

This Small Team of Dispatchers Saves Lives Via Satellite


The Texas center has assisted more than 10,000 rescues in 169 countries, from the Scottish Highlands to eastern Tajikistan. Hardware makers such as Garmin, Globalstar, Inmarsat, and Iridium say the IERCC’s expertise and global network of emergency responders are worth a small cut of their monthly satellite network subscription fees. Read More >

USCA announces new partnership with Globalstar


Globalstar, Inc. has partnered with the United States Cattlemen’s Association and is excited to offer all USCA members an exclusive service discount* on SPOT satellite products including SPOT Gen3®, SPOT Trace®, and the newest SPOT X® with Bluetooth device with the new mobile app. Read More >