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How to Keep Your Phone Working When There’s No Service


For solo venturers going to remote areas for extended periods, she recommends the SPOT ($100, $15-a-month service plan), a satellite device that can provide your coordinates to emergency response teams and send check-ins to personal contacts. Read More >

Apps and Gadgets to Keep Track of Friends and Family While Out Hiking


PS tracker and emergency messaging options - The SPOT Gen3 can be used to keep loved ones up to date with your location, using motion sensors to automatically update your coordinates as you move. Before you head out, the Spot can be pre-programmed with a text message or email with your GPS coordinates, which is sent to up to 10 contacts at the press of a button.

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Globalstar Deploys Ground Station in Argentina to Boost South American Service


Globalstar deployed a new ground station with second-generation technology in Córdoba, Argentina. The new infrastructure enables voice calls, two-way data communications and internet connection, extending Globalstar’s service throughout South America. Read More >

Everything You Need to Know and Buy If You're New to Hiking


To help keep you safe when you don't have cell service, consider safety products like the Gen3 from SPOT (currently $99.99), which lets family and friends know you're okay and can send emergency responders your GPS location with the push of a button. Read More >

Globalstar Deploys New ST100 Satellite Transmitter


Globalstar, Inc., has introduced the ST100, a new, one-way satellite transmitter. Globalstar said in a Wednesday release that the ST100 is lightweight, low power and small with embedded antennas, a commercial Internet of Things (IoT) embedded solution. The transmitter is designed to provide low cost, reliable connectivity powered by the Globalstar Satellite Network Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation, providing satcom integration capability to any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product. Read More >

Great Gear Picks We'll (hopefully) be Hiking with This Summer


We’ve been hiking with a SPOT device for years. It’s let us keep in touch with friends and fam back home, let them track our progress on distant hikes, and given us the security of knowing we could call for help if the need arose—thankfully not an action we’ve ever needed. This year, as a new SPOT Brand Ambassador, we’ve gotten the opportunity to give the new SPOT X Satellite Messenger a run. Read More >

Satellite Phone Systems – Everything You Need To Know


Satellite phone systems are becoming more and more popular for several reasons.

The price has come down significantly from earlier times and it’s an excellent method to be able to communicate from the most remote corners of the planet.

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SPOT Introduces the New SPOT X Jeep® Edition 2-Way Satellite Messenger


SPOT LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NYSE American: GSAT) and the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, today announced the launch of an exclusive SPOT X ™ JeepEdition 2-way satellite messenger. This newest product launch comes after SPOT recently entered a licensing deal with the Jeep brand. Read More >

Globalstar’s SPOT and Jeep Announce Co-Branded Products


SPOT, a subsidiary of Globalstar, provides satellite communication and tracking devices for both recreational and business use. Through a new, three-year licensing partnership with Jeep, the businesses have announced the launch of co-branded products to bring safety and peace of mind to its adventurous customers.  Read More >

Globalstar's 3GPP Approval of Band 53 as a 5G Band


Globalstar, Inc. announced that the Third Generation Partnership Project (“3GPP”) has approved the 5G variant of Globalstar’s Band 53, which will be known as n53.

Jay Monroe, Executive Chairman of Globalstar, commented that achieving 5G status with their band is a significant advancement in their spectrum efforts. New networks around the world will be built utilizing 5G’s advanced technology and their resource will now work in those networks. They appreciate the industry’s continued support of their spectrum and applaud the 3GPP working group for their approval.

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