Globalstar Announces Commercial Availability of XCOM RAN Multipoint Radio System for Private Network Wireless Optimization; Solution Being Deployed by Major Global Retailer

We have significantly increased the amount of data that can be transmitted over a given spectrum allocation, while improving other performance measures — all within a flexible solution that provides the ability for future performance improvements. —Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, CEO
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Industries Served


Government & Public Safety

Delays or stagnant recovery efforts can often lead to further devastation or ineffective response efforts by Federal, State and local public safety departments. Satellite-based solutions are often critical to support continuous connectivity, rapid deployment efforts and solve challenges in both civil and military operations around the world. Government agencies depend on technologies to provide command and control communications to access near real-time information. Satellite solutions provide reliable connectivity and scalable alternatives for asset tracking and communications on the move whether on land, in the air or at sea.

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Operational costs in managing motor vehicle and carrier fleets, tracking and monitoring asset location or movement of equipment, transported cargo and freight, can be further extended by lost, misplaced, under-utilized trailers, or delayed and incorrect deliveries. Transportation carriers as well as maritime supply and transportation companies rely heavily on accurate asset location reporting and utilization to make informed business decisions. Operational inefficiencies are primary drivers impacting profitability considering limited visibility in the field, manual and inaccurate reporting, replacement costs and underutilization of assets working in the field.

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Energy sector Oil and Gas, Utilities and Mining companies operate in vastly remote field operations that are primarily outside the reach of traditional cellular networks. Operations Executives and Environmental, Health and Safety Managers often rely on job site security, productivity, safety and accurate reporting from the field. Industrial equipment, assets and field personnel must adhere to certain protocols, while Managers can't rely on manual check-ins or statuses that could falsely presume non-compliance, have little visibility into the entire supply chain, equipment utilization, down-time, productivity and safety of workforce.

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Construction and rental equipment, generators and work tools are expensive to own and operate so getting the most out of a costly investment is key to managing a profitable business. Conducting operations using manual yard checks or ability to manage assets and equipment working in various locations is nearly impossible to maintain low costs and sustain growth.  Satellite asset tracking solutions for mobile or remote assets provide near real-time information on the location of high value equipment in the field. Schedule interval maintenance alerts and in motion reporting using custom alerts when an asset enters a danger zone, its' surrounding area, or leaves a location without authorization.

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Commercial Maritime

Inland river, coastal and offshore waterways are the maritime industries' means to providing industrial services, transporting supplies and goods transcontinental or transocean, and commercial fishing applications or production vessels, rely on critical location tracking where vessels are operating or contracted. Arrival or departure of crews, cargo and distribution from ports of call, can be streamlined with satellite asset solutions that provide visibility with live or historical views and routes using near real-time alerts for port entry and exit, while improving operational efficiencies and productivity on the water.

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Operating with a narrow margin from the start makes it hard to overcome the most prevalent inefficiencies in land and commodity management but using technology resources that effectively track production to maintain sustainable growth or environmental impacts can prove valuable for farming and agricultural operations. The use of satellite monitoring and tracking can help growers and harvesters make more efficient use of their time and resources. Satellite in AgTech can offer efficient methods of growing, harvesting and transporting agriculture products for Farming and Livestock production.

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Forestry operations are focused on the safe production and harvesting practices necessary to ensure sustainable growth. Managing accurate shipments can help business operators gain efficiencies in logging transportation that could otherwise incur fines during interstate or international trucking and shipping. Satellite technology can be leveraged within Forestry to keep lone or remote workers safe while harvesting crops and improving the value of each harvest shipment for efficient growth. Proper fleet management can impact the transport cost of harvested crops, and provide accuracy and efficiencies required for state, federal and international regulatory compliance.

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