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How do I update my firmware?

The SPOT Device Updater software is required to sync your device and/or update the firmware of your SPOT device.  You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows or MacOS with an internet connection.

To download the SPOT Device Updater, click here.

Select your device and you will be given the option to download the Windows or Mac versions of the installer.  Once the download has completed, run and install the software.  The last step of the installation will allow the launch of the application by clicking Finish!

When the SPOT Device Updater Launches a welcome screen will appear.  Please ensure that the device is NOT powered on.  When connected to the computer, the ESN of your device will be displayed. The welcome text will change and request that  the auth code is entered.  Enter your auth code and click submit.  Your device settings will be displayed.  Click update device to complete your sync and firmware update.