SPOT Gen3 - General

Battery performance » Can I use other batteries in an emergency with my SPOT Gen3? » Can I use the SPOT Gen3 inside of my vehicle? » Can the unit be plugged in to an external power source? » How accurate is the SPOT Gen3 when reporting a user's position? » How can I determine if the SPOT device transmissions affect the aircraft’s navigation electronics? » How can the SPOT interference be prevented in aircraft? » How do I change my tracking interval? » How do I test my SPOT Gen3 before I leave for a trip? » How do I update my device settings? » How do I update my firmware? » How does tracking work? » How far should other GPS devices be from SPOT to prevent signal interference? » How long will the SPOT Gen 3 track for? » How much does the SPOT Gen3 device weigh? » How should I clean my SPOT Gen3? » How should SPOT be positioned for best accuracy and results? » How SPOT works? » How will I know when my battery is low? » Is my SPOT device considered a Portable Electronic Device by the FAA? » Is SPOT water resistant? » Is there a seasonal service plan? » Is there a video explaining how to use my SPOT Gen3? » My SPOT device does not work properly near airports or when I have another GPS device close by. » How do I send or share the Shared View page with my family and friends? » How do I share my tracking with other people? » What apps are compatible with my device? » What features on SPOT can be in use at the same time? » What format does SPOT use for its GPS coordinates? » What is Dock Mode and how do I activate it on my SPOT Gen3? » What is Motion-Activated Tracking? » What is Movement Alert and how do I activate it on my SPOT Gen3? » What is the battery life of the SPOT Gen3? » What is the device doing when the GPS light turns on? » What social media platforms are supported? » When will I receive a movement alert? » Where can I find my auth code? » Why can't I enter my auth code? » Why does my device turn off? » Will my device work without the firmware update or device sync? »