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Blood Is Thicker Than Water

While our frontline workers provide an invaluable service to the public during times of natural disaster, it’s often their families that provide the support they need. Globalstar products work to save lives and keep families connected. Whether it is a Check-In message or shared view for live or historical location tracking on a map, loved ones have peace of mind and can give their support through that invisible connection.

For Emergency Managers the anecdotal quotes abound, the scars never leave them and they do battle with fear, doubt and the unknown every single day as they ask for more funding, resource and comprehensive plans for both the governed and the government.  They meet with peers, vendors and executive and legislative leadership to create an actionable plan that will only be vindicated by the worst case scenario, and all of this hard work boils down to family.

It’s why they work so hard. It’s why people will willingly put themselves in harm’s way. It’s why some will send their families away so that they can save others. Something that needs to be figured into the plan, equation or whatever title you throw at me is morale.

Morale cannot be measured or calculated, but it can be seen, heard and felt. Those front line teams know the cost not only for failure, but success as well. Win, lose or draw, the consequences they face include isolation, rumor and anxiety. All of this can be wiped away with one phone call.

So not only does a comprehensive communication network and plan keep everyone operationally aware, but as the battle to respond and recover plays out it keeps families connected. Globalstar knows this, and our mobile satellite communication and tracking products work to save lives and keep families connected. Whether it is a phone call standing in devastation or an icon on a google map checking in, loved ones are kept in the know and can give their support through that invisible connection.  

Remind the powers that be that your teams will need to stay focused, positive and productive, and that Globalstar’s products cover all the bases. Whether in “Response” or “Recovery” mode, Globalstar can layer in products and best practices in order to keep the wolves of isolation, rumor and anxiety at bay. We look forward to working together to save lives, keep families connected and rebuild.