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GSP-2900 "Mini-Stick" Fixed Phone Unit

Ideal for installation in maritime or other extreme weather environments, the GSP-2900 Mini-Stick Remote Antenna package for the GSP-2900 Fixed Phone allows for mounting the sensitive phone components in a protected area while mounting the antenna outside (with a clear line of sight to the satellites). Cabling from the antenna to the phone unit is available in 20- and 30-foot lengths only. Measured at 7"H x 3/4"W, the Mini-Stick option offers a remote antenna solution when space restrictions are an issue and when less than 30 feet of cable is required. (14 Day Lead Time)

Installation required. Service Agreement required for activation.
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Globalstar GSP-2900 "Low Profile" Antenna
Globalstar GSP-2900 "Stick" Fixed Phone Unit