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Gateways are an integral part of the Globalstar ground segment. In addition to the gateways the ground segment includes the Ground Operations Control Center (GOCC), Satellite Operations Control Center (SOCC), and Globalstar Data Network (GDN).

Each gateway, which is owned and managed by the service provider for the country in which the gateway is located, receives transmissions from orbiting satellites, processes calls, and switches them to the appropriate ground network.

A gateway may service more than one country. Gateways consist of three or four dish antennas, a switching station and remote operating controls. Because all of the switches and complex hardware are located on the ground, it is easier for Globalstar to maintain and upgrade its system than it is for systems that handle switching in orbit.

Gateways offer seamless integration with local and regional telephony and wireless networks. They utilize a standard T1/E1 interface to the existing PSTN/PLMN systems. Encryption ensures voice and signaling security for individual transmissions.

Ground Operations Control Center (GOCC) Is responsible for planning and controlling the use of satellites by gateway terminals and for coordinating with the Satellite Operations Control Center (SOCC). The GOCC plans the communications schedule for the gateways and controls the allocation of satellite resources to each gateway.

Satellite Operations Control Center (SOCC) Manages the Globalstar satellite constellation. The SOCC tracks satellites, controls their orbits, and provides telemetry and command (T&C) services for the constellation. Globalstar satellites continuously transmit spacecraft telemetry data that provides on-board health and status reports for the satellites. The SOCC also oversees satellite launch and deployment activities. The SOCC and GOCC facilities remain in constant contact through the Globalstar Data Network (GDN).

Globalstar Data Network (GDN) Is the connective network, which provides wide-area intercommunications facilities for the Gateways, Ground Operations Control Center, and Satellite Operations Control Center.