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Launching the Future

In October of 2010 Globalstar began deployment of its second-generation satellite constellation designed to restore its industry leading commercial voice and duplex data services.

The first of four launches of six new second-generation satellites was successfully completed on October 19, 2010. Two additional launches of six satellites each were successfully conducted in July and December of 2011. The company is currently planning to conduct the fourth launch of six additional satellites in early 2013. All four launches are being conducted by launch services provider Arianespace, using the reliable Soyuz launch vehicle at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Globalstar plans to integrate the 24 new second-generation satellites with the first-generation satellites that were launched in 2007, to form its new second-generation constellation.

Once the new Globalstar satellites are in operational orbit and the gateway ground stations are activated, the most immediate service improvement will benefit those customers who use the Company's voice and Duplex data services. With each subsequent launch, customers can expect a progressive return to high reliability and service quality.

Tony Navarra, President, Global Operations for Globalstar Inc. mentions, "After the new constellation is launched and fully deployed we expect to once again reliably provide the world's finest quality mobile satellite voice and fastest mobile satellite handset data services to commercial and government customers in more than 120 countries. Combined with our affordable and award-winning suite of consumer retail SPOT products, Globalstar will unquestionably offer the world's most extensive lineup of high quality mobile satellite services to the broadest range of commercial and retail consumer customers around the globe."

The new second-generation satellites are designed to support Globalstar's current lineup of mobile satellite telephones, Duplex and Simplex data products and services including the Company's lineup of SPOT retail consumer products.

NOTE: In August of 2011, Globalstar began activating its gateways in North America improving Globalstar's service to its voice and duplex data customers in the United States, Canada, Northern Mexico and parts of the Caribbean. Globalstar customers in other global markets had already started to experience improved service levels due to the initial launch of the new second-generation satellites.

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